About Me

Who are you?
My name is Joei [pronounced jo-wee].  I'm a lawyer from Manila, Philippines. And yes, I like Legally Blonde but I'm nothing like Elle Woods I don't use a fluffy pink pen to write.

More about me:

When did you start blogging? 
I started in 2003 when blogs were more like online diaries for personal thoughts and feelings.  As years passed, more and more people had access to the internet, so I kept switching from one social media network to another.  But in 2009, I just decided to limit the scope of my blog posts (nothing too personal!) so I can go back to the realms of cyberspace and not worry about privacy issues.

And that's when Joei & Me was born.

So what do you blog about now?
I can't really say that I'm a travel blogger, a food blogger, or a fashion and beauty blogger but I write about the three things I love the most: exploring (Travel & Leisure), eating (Food & Drink), and shopping (Fashion & Beauty).

I also try to squeeze a bit of everything in between (Other Things I ): fitness & health, books & magazines, tv & movies, and my advocacies.

Aren't you busy enough with what you do? 
Yes, but I need a less serious outlet for my less serious thoughts (so don't expect serious, opinionated posts because that's what I do everyday for work!). Like they say, all work and no play right?  I believe balance is key.  

So where do you find the time to blog?
Food posts are not a problem.  Thanks to Steve Jobs, I can blog in real time using my iPhone.   

Travel posts are the more difficult ones to finish since I have to sort through tons of photos and organize my thoughts. So what I usually do is write as much as I can whenever I have free time and then use Blogger's 'scheduled post' feature so I don't spam my readers' dashboard in one day.    

How can I contact you?
Just leave a comment in any of my posts or send me an email.

One last question... Why is your blog called "Joei & Me"?
'Joei' is me and 'Me' is you.  Confusing?  It's like this. Whenever I write a blog post, I want my readers to feel like they're right there experiencing the same thing that I am.  So 'Joei (that's me!) & Me (that's you dear reader!)' simply means 'me and you' together in all of my adventures.

So, come with me as I take you on a journey of gastronomic feasts, introduce you to the art of retail therapy and tour you around the world of the wanderlust.  Yup, just you and me... And well, sometimes my boyfriend T ;)

Happy reading!