Shops & Restaurants at Ayala Malls the 30th.

I rarely go to Ortigas except if I have meetings but since the venue of the finance classes I enrolled in is in the area, I agreed to meet one of my colleagues at Ayala Malls the 30th. I learned that it's a fairly new mall so I went around to see what's inside. This is by no means an exhaustive list because I just went around to explore and I was lugging my class materials plus heavy books I got from Biblio, a used bookstore.

Here's a rundown of the food stalls, restaurants, and cafes I saw during my visit:

Lower Ground Floor
Ninak • Hobing Korean Dessert • Taco Bell • Gringo • Kenny Rogers Roasters • S&R Pizza • BonChon Chicken • Oriental Chef Express • Reyes Barbecue • Pancake House • Yang Chow Noodle Bar • Pepper Lunch • La Brazorria de Lasevil • O Banh Mi • Bon Bahnmi • Auntie Anne's • Dairy Queen • Pho Hoa • Agape • Max's Restaurant • Chatime • Dunkin Donuts  • Gigi Gaerian - The Custaroonery  • Mrs. Fields Cafe • Yabu • Ippudo • Jollibee • Super Lemon

Ground Floor
Mamou • Tendon Akimitsu • Sibyulee • Ramen Nagi • La Maripili • Wangfu Chinese Cafe • Emack & Bolio's • Mesa • Lartizan • Conti's • Taco Bell • Basil • Draft Gastropub • Starbucks • CBTL • Jamba Juice • Baskin Robbins • Toast Asian Kitchen

Second Floor
Sweet Ecstasy • Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen • Genki Sushi • Morganfield's • Floating Island Restaurant • Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen • Barcino • Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar • The Noodle Studio • Mitsuyado Sei-Men • Yamato Bakery & Cafe • Shrimp Bucket • UCC Clockwork • Wholesome Organics • Seattle's Best Coffee • Nitro7 Coffee & Tea Bar • Thousand Cranes Shabu Shabu 

Third Floor
Vampire Penguin • Yellow Cab Pizza • Lucky Chick • Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea • Elait • Cafe MOH • Black Canyon Coffee • David's Teahouse • Serenitea • Razon's • Turks • Green Pastures • Gyro V • Skybarn • Potato Corner • Famous Belgian Waffles • Big Chill 

Let me now go through the shops that caught my attention while walking around. I've always wanted to buy sandals online from Renegade Folk but I wasn't sure what size I am with them. Honestly, I don't understand why the sizes here are smaller than the sizes in the US so often times I get disappointed with my online purchases when it comes to local footwear. So when I saw this stall, I stopped to try the sandals. I was right. Their sandals run small (in terms of US sizes). Good thing I didn't purchase online.

There's also The Stockroom and Ticker Tape Parade which carry cute and quirky items, Pop Culture and Retail Lab for fashionable choices, Star Finder Optical which is my favorite not-so-expensive Korean eyewear shop, Flight 001 for everything travel-related, and Capital a footwear store.

But I spent the most time in Biblio, a secondhand bookstore. During my visit, there was a "Buy 1, Get 1" promo which prompted me to hoard books. This was the week before the National Bookstore Binge Bazaar (read my blog post about this) and the Big Bad Wolf Sale (read my blog post about this) so I think I've reached my book buying quote for the next two years.

And of course, if you're wondering, Ayala Malls the 30th has four state of the art cinemas.

I don't know when I'll be back in the area because my finance classes are already finished but that's it! I'll probably return to try one of the restaurants and to take a peek at Biblio again once I'm finished with my books. Have a great weekend everyone!

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