Landers Superstore Alabang West.

For the longest time, S&R was the only membership shopping grocery in the area so the opening of Landers Superstore Alabang West was very much anticipated. The crowds and lines were crazy during opening week so T and I decided to wait a little longer to schedule a visit. We went on a weekday and had no problems with parking or cashier lines. 

Our visit was quick, just to buy a few things and not to check out each and every item per aisle. So for this post, I'll focus on what I saw in Landers that I haven't seen in S&R or what Landers has that S&R doesn't.. Sort of a little Landers vs S&R thing.

I got my membership last year when I chanced upon Landers agents inside our village Starbucks. T and I love grocery shopping even when we weren't married yet so when they offered a 50% discount on the membership fee of PhP800 (I only got it for PhP400), I signed up. They issued me a temporary card which they said I could use in any Landers branch, but I think the only one existing at that time was in Balintawak and that was too far for me.

When I entered the store, I was told to proceed to the membership counter to get my permanent Landers card.  The girl at the membership counter informed me that she will be adjusting the expiry card on my card since I wasn't able to use it anyway. Good call Landers.

Initially, I read a lot of negative comments about this particular Landers branch ranging from "dirty aisles" to "dusty items" to "unhelpful and rude sales people" but during our visit, we didn't experience any of those. Maybe Landers wasn't fully prepared during opening week but when we went, the aisles were clean, the items I bought were not dusty, and the sales people were very helpful. In fact, T spent a bit of time talking to the electronic sales people. I was already done with my rounds but they were all still assisting T.

Our visit was quick because I just did yoga (my first workout in a while) and my legs were killing me.  I checked out the chocolates and candies aisle and saw a few items which I haven't seen in S&R like those big tubs of Nutella, Ovomaltine, sugar-free travel sweets (like the ones my parents always had in the car or their bags when we were kids), and Pei Pa Koa lozenges! 

The Dairy Section is another place I usually visit and I'd have to say Landers gets the score on this one. There are a number of interesting items which I have not seen in S&R like Bulla Frozen Greek Yogurt, Cadbury Ice Cream, Double Rainbow Organic Ice Cream, and Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Cookies! They also have donuts with interesting designs. For more sweets and pastries, there's Dough & Co, Landers' own bakery inside the store.

For the healthy eaters, Landers has an organic section which, from what I remember, S&R doesn't have. In this aisle you can find healthier snacks and juices as well as organic baby food and snacks.

Another part I always visit is the Health & Beauty section. There are also a number of items there that I haven't seen in S&R such as Band-Aid for Heels (I have been looking for this during our wedding preps, too late though) and different brands of dry shampoo which I think really helps during the summer season when the freshness of a morning bath will probably last one only until lunch. I realized I wasn't able to take photos in this section because I was busy getting what I needed.

Aside from being able to shop in all branches, another perk of being a member of Landers is the free haircut at Federal Barbers inside the grocery itself. I guess this is for boyfriends, husbands, and fathers while waiting for their partners.  Members also get PhP2.00 discount per liter of gasoline and PhP1.50 discount per liter of diesel in Caltex

Image credit: Landers

Landers also has a coffee shop called Doppio and a diner called Landers Central, designed like a New York subway station.

Landers Central offers similar food items to S&R so I order a slice of my favorite Pepperoni Pizza while T got Burger and Fries.  I like how Landers makes their pizza crust crispy but I would have to give this one to S&R because their pizza has more cheese and the pepperoni is thicker and tastier.  Landers' pepperoni was a little bit too thin and salty for my taste.

S&R and Landers each has their own benefits and perks. Landers Superstore offers free haircuts, fuel discount at Caltex, and has its own cafe inside. But S&R has more branches nationwide so your membership gets more mileage and it's known to have really good sales every year. Both carry brands which the other does not carry so honestly, I can't say for certain which is one is actually 'better'. I haven't done a price comparison yet (although I hear Landers is more expensive than S&R) so if you ask me now which membership to get, I'd have to say whichever is closest to you only because of the convenience. Technically, they are located in two different cities and almost 5km apart.. S&R is in Alabang and Landers is in Las Piñas but the area is called Alabang West (the name of this village boggles me since it's not located in Alabang, as much as its description of being the Beverly Hills of the Philippines since that description would be more apt for Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, or Ayala Alabang).

To end, S&R has been around for quite a while now and Landers is still new in the area so I'd like to wait for a few months before I come up with a final verdict.

Landers Superstore Alabang West

Contact Information

Daang Hari Road
(beside Dampa)
Almanza Dos
Las Piñas City

Tel No.: 819-7060 / 819-7061

Official Website

Facebook Page

Instagram: @landersph

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
9:00am - 9:00pm

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