Highlights of Our Sagada-Baguio Trip 2018.

I have so many travel and staycation posts left in my drafts folder yet again and I realized that whenever I become oc (aka going about every detail of the trip) about my posts, I usually don't get to write about them anymore. So before I forget about our recent Sagada-Baguio trip, let me share with you a few photos T and I took during our vacation.

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Sagada has always been in my local travel wishlist but it's one of those places where it's better to go as a group than as a couple. It's difficult to get people together though because everyone's schedules usually don't align. Finally, we all found common free time, which was Holy Week, and so off to Sagada we went!

We left Manila late in the evening and arrived in Sagada before lunch.  Travel time was around 10 to 12 hours with stops in between.  I knew we were in a whole different place when the views outside our windows turned into real life paintings. It was a challenge to take a good photo because of the zigzag and bumpy roads but I'm happy I got one decent shot out of a dozen so I can share it here with you.

Our Sagada itinerary was filled mostly with hiking activities, which I thought I will not be able to complete because I wasn't a 100%. But because of my considerate friends (who gave me the whole back row of the bus so I can rest lying down and who assisted me during the hikes) and my snarky but caring husband T (who did everything from tying my shoelaces and lifting me if he had to), I completed all the hikes! It was such an amazing experience and I am glad to have shared it with T and our friends. And you know this is the fun group when despite our early morning call times, we still managed to squeeze in a visit to a wine cellar, sample the best craft beers in the province, and gather around a bonfire to make s'mores in the cold weather.

Before going back to Manila, we stayed in Baguio for a few days. If Sagada was all hiking, Baguio was all eating! It was officially the start of the holidays so there were a lot of people out and about already. During the day, we steered clear of the crowded areas like Burnham Park and Mines View Park and visited La Trinidad instead where the boys shot the MTV of their brand new single.  Hay naku, don't ask me what it is. To hear it is to believe it. You can view the song in their Instagram accounts and stories.

But despite the crowd, we made a stop at Good Shepherd (my favorite ube in a bottle!) and the public market (fresh strawberries!) to buy pasalubong.  Neil also asked a mamang magtataho to ride our bus so everyone could get their fill of strawberry taho while waiting in slow traffic. On our last night, we went to a speakeasy which we all had to ourselves and listened to Boy 2 jam with an amazing duo.

And that ends my sneak peek into our Sagada-Baguio trip. I'd say this is definitely one for the books! So where to next guys?


  1. LOVED reading this and seeing all your super fun pix! You're such an amazing travel blogger! <3

    1. You should visit this place sometime! Beautiful and quiet. You’ll love it.


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