Chef Du Partie (CDP): The Global Table Restaurant in Power Plant Mall.

There was one weekend last month when I felt like I was suffering from fatigue because of the chain of events from the previous day (a long story). So instead of going out, T suggested having a simple dinner-movie date in Rockwell.  We walk around the outer area of Power Plant Mall to see what else we haven't tried when we see a nice restaurant called Chef du Partie.

Chef Du Partie isn't really new because it's been in operation for more or less three years but T and I are surprised we haven't dined here yet considering we are always in the area. I learn from our server it is run by the same people who owns Mamou, which explains the premium service we received that evening.  Our server for the night is an attentive fellow who always refills our water glasses and bread baskets before they become empty. He is also knowledgeable about the dishes because when I ask him for suggestions, he has something to offer based on their best sellers.

For our appetizer, our server points us to the Buffalo Balls (PhP345+) which is boneless chicken balls cooked in spicy buffalo sauce and comes with bleu cheese dip. This is also what T and I spot first on the menu so we order that. We recommend this dish if you're fond of buffalo wings but like me, don't really do the 'sarap to the bones' chicken eating. I also give it plus points for real spiciness (and not just the fake buffalo spiciness I usually encounter in restaurants).

For the soup, our server said that their best sellers are the Clam Chowder (which I like) and the French Onion Soup (which T likes). We end up with the latter since I don't really get to finish soups that I order. CDP's French Onion Soup (PhP275+) has caramelized onions, beef broth, gruyere cheese, and emmenthal.

For his main, T orders the Chicken Cordon Bleu which I take a bite out of. I like how it leans towards the "familiar" rather than the complicated hotel versions, if you know what I mean. T agrees and points out that the mashed potatoes are super because it doesn't taste like the usual mix.

On the other hand, I order the Salmon Beurre Blanc (PhP495+) which comes with grilled leeks and a side of potatoes (but I ask for grilled vegetables instead). If you want something light but flavorful for lent, order this. It's also one of the best sellers, according to our server.

When it comes to health and any lifestyle change, I always consult our Ninang/Senator Pia Cayetano. Lately, we've been talking about how I could down on sugar for health reasons. She told me to make a list of desserts (around one to three) which I cannot live without. If I eat out and crave for something sweet but my to-die-for dessert is not on the list, then I shouldn't have any dessert at all. Makes perfect sense.

It just so happens that cheesecake is part of my top 3 and I really wanted something sweet that night so when I saw the Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake (PhP345+) on the menu, I order it at once. The server even mentions it as their #1 best seller. Okay so.. I become too excited and dig in before I had the chance to take a photo. 

Good thing our server angled my phone in such a way as the cheesecake can be seen in this picture of me and T. I finish the cheesecake all by myself and feel a bit better. We watch The Post afterwards (what a wonderful movie!) and go straight to bed. This is just what I needed (good food and good company) because I felt much, much better the next day.

Thumbs Up!
Reasonable prices for good food.
Attentive server.
Nice ambiance, good for date nights.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I enjoyed our dining experience at Chef du Partie, from the service to the food to the ambiance, we will definitely be back!

Chef du Partie
Dining Date: 25 February 2018

Contact Information

Level R1
Power Plant Mall
Lopez Drive, Rockwell
Makati City

Mobile No.: (0917) 832-9828

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
12:00pm - 3:00pm (lunch)
6:00pm - 11:00pm (dinner)

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