The Stress Remedy by Dr. Doni Wilson.

As a working professional, I'd say Sunday is my love-hate day. ‘Love' because it's the day which I get to spend to rest or with my family and loved ones but 'hate' because at the end of it, I know the next day would be a Monday. Don't get me wrong.. I love what I do and I am passionate about my work no matter how stressful it can get. I have a high capacity for stress (I'd say tried and tested!) and I actually live for high-stress events or cases but for some reason, the thought of Monday always gets me down.  What more for people who don't love what they do?

Our bodies are designed to deal with the normal stresses of every day life. But our bodies' natural 'stress response' can get out of balance and seriously impact our well-being. Living with high level of stress can put you down and affect your emotional, physical, and mental health. It actually puts relationships at risk and makes work less productive.

So this talk by Dr. Doni Wilson called 'The Stress Remedy' on February 22, 6pm at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel really interests me. Dr. Doni will be lecturing on effective ways of mastering our bodies' synergy and optimizing our health.

According to Dr. Wilson, stress management is all about taking charge of our lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, problems. No matter how stressful our life seems, there are steps we can take to relive pressure and regain control:

1. Analyze your stress
Identify how your body has been affected with stress

2. Master your synergy
Learn how your body creates "vicious cycles" 

3. Customize your health
Individualize your approach to the particular stresses you face

We will learn all of these and also how to achieve the true mastery of our body and health to reduce the effects of stress, reduce weight (yes we all want this!!), and reclaim energy, mood, sleep, and focus.

The talk is in partnership with Healthy Options so members will get a discount in the ticket prices.   Prices are P1,000 for Gold members, P1,500 for Green members, and P2,000 for non-members and the general public. To book your slot, you may purchase your ticket online at, visit any Healthy Options store, or call +639178098479.  See you guys there!

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