Date Ideas for Valentines 2018.

February 14 was also Ash Wednesday so T and I heard mass first and then watched Black Panther afterwards. Like I mentioned previously, we don't really 'celebrate' Valentines because T doesn't believe in needing a holiday to make me feel special (yay lucky me). So when he got me two bags of candies from Candy Corner, I thought that was it. When I got home, I was surprised with a delivery of a three-dozen Ferrero Rocher bouquet! We joked that it was a win-win situation since he loves Ferrero as much as I do.

But since most of us have work yesterday, I'm sure it was a bit hard to celebrate Valentines. Don't fret! There's still tomorrow and the weekend to do something special with your loved one. Here are a few suggestions based on what your partner is like.  Plus, I'm giving away a few freebies! Happy Valentines from me to you.

The Social Media Queen

Not the Insta-boyfriend or husband type? Surprise your girl with a photoshoot from Sweet Escape.  You don't have to go anywhere really and just do it in Manila.  Or if you're really into the surprise, drive up to Tagaytay or reserve the photo session for when you go out of town or out of the country.  If she's into Instagram, I'm sure she'll love this surprise. Here's $50 for your first session! Click HERE to claim it.

The Adrenaline Junkie

If your girl is adventurous, chances are, she's spontaneous as well (because that's how I am).  I'm sure she'll love a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Porac, Pampanga to visit Sandbox.  T and I visited this place last month and it's like a huge playground for adults. Just make sure you tell her to wear the proper attire.. shirt, leggings, and sneakers.

The Sporty Spice

Have a sporty girl? Enroll in an aerial yoga class in Beyond Yoga, a spinning or rowing class in Saddlerow, or a boxing class in Flyweight! These are located in Alabang, BGC, and Quezon City so it doesn't matter if you're from the North, South, or the Middle Kingdom. 


The Early Bird

If your girl is a morning person, I highly suggest catching the breakfast buffet in Balay Dako.  She's going to appreciate it for sure! I'm not a morning person but I loved it when T and I went there. Not only do they serve really good food, the view is one for the books as well! 

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The Movie Buff

If you're one of the few who haven't seen The Greatest Showman, bring your girl to watch it. I swear, even if you're not into musicals, you will not get bored. Another alternative is Fifty Shades Freed. Your choice :D

The Homebody

If your girl likes staying home then maybe a staycation is the way to go. You can find good places to stay here or out of town via Airbnb.  I'm giving P1,600 worth of free credits (yes, FREE!) in Airbnb! Claim it by clicking HERE.  

But if you're out to splurge, go book a luxe hotel! I highly suggest Nobu Hotel or Crown Towers in City of Dreams Manila which you can book via Agoda.  

The Domestic Goddess

If your girl is a domestic goddess, it's time to treat her to your cooking! But if you feel like you're going to burn the kitchen down, buy a raclette and wow her with your grilling skills. Haha! I received a raclette as a bridal shower gift and a Christmas gift (yay we have two!) and I swear, it's the easiest thing to operate. Just buy meat, cheese, and bread from a deli or wagyu cubes and vegetables from the supermarket and you're all set.  I don't cook but I was able to host a raclette dinner in our place last Christmas.  Told you, easy peasy.

The Chilla

If your girl is the easy going, spa-loving type, take her to Nurture Wellness Village or Qi Wellness Living to get a massage.  T and I have tried both.. Nurture Wellness Village when we brought my Mom there for her birthday and Qi Wellness Living for our anniversary.  Both didn't disappoint.

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The Foodie

If your girl is a foodie, chances are, she'll appreciate special food gifts rather than flowers. Seriously, I would appreciate really good food as a Valentines gift.  Try the cheese tarts from Bake. These Hokkaido goodies are always sold out so try to go in early. They just opened a branch in the new wing of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.  T and I always drop by after dinner to buy a piece.. or a box.

The Fashionista 

All girls love flowers but some girls appreciate gifts that don't wilt and die after a week or two. So if your girl is maporma, get her new clothes or a bag!  If you don't have time to go to the mall, check the online store Zalora.  If you don't have an account yet, you can create one by clicking HERE and get P300 credit for your first order.  

TIP: Entering the code ZBAPZ26B during checkout gives you an additional 15% off your purchase. You can use this every time you buy in Zalora so write it down or save it somewhere in your phone.

To save even more, sign up with Shopback HERE and get P100 pesos credit from me plus further rebates from your already discounted Zalora purchase. If you do all of these, that's already P400 pesos credit plus 15% off your purchase! Nice huh :P

The History Buff

If your girl is into history, why don't you go around Intramuros while riding bikes? Check out the Bambike Intramuros Ecotours.  

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The Theater Aficionado

Too bad you just missed my Valentines giveaway but Ballet & Ballads has another run on February 17 and 18.  It's by prima ballerina Lisa Macuja's Ballet Manila with special guests Christian Bautista and the ABS CBN Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The Night Owl

If your girl is a night owl, chances are she'd want to check out what's in Poblacion, if you still haven't.  You can eat in Holy Smokes then grab a drink at Polilya.  Or cross the street and go to Tambai, Ebi10, and that oyster place for food then have a drink upstairs in Kampai after.  There are a lot of places to go to there but those are the places that T and I frequent.  In my next blog posts, I can probably talk about it more there.  

The Budding Artist

If you're girl is into the arts, try your hand at painting and book a session at Sip And Gogh. T and I did this for Valentines 2016 and it was fun!


That's all for this year. I hope you got a few ideas from my suggestions. Happy Valentines Day and enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Ohemgeee!! i cans say you had an amazing, fun and perfect Valentines day.


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