2018 Book Fairs (part 2): National Bookstore's Book Binge Bazaar.

It was crazy (in a good way) to see a lot of posts on social media about the Big Bad Wolf Sale in the last two weeks. I didn't expect that people my age or older were still into reading. Some were also parents buying books for their kids. But in any case, as an advocate of reading, I am truly happy to see all of those people who went to the book fair.

But before the arrival of that much hyped Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, National Bookstore had its first Book Binge Bazaar just the week before (February 9 to 11) at the SM Mega Trade Hall in SM Megamall. I'm surprised that I didn't see this in anyone's feed.  And that's why even if this event is already finished, I am still writing about it since everyone is suddenly into book fairs now and NBS will probably have another Book Binge Bazaar in 2019 *crossing fingers*

I rarely go to Megamall but since I'm taking finance classes every weekend in Ortigas, I thought of checking it out.  I get there around 12:30pm and I am surprised to find a queue outside the hall. I don't like falling in line but I do anyway since I am already there. It is a good decision too because only 5-10 minutes later, I find myself inside. 

Coming in with the knowledge that this is an event where discounted books can be purchased, I am expecting a mess inside. But to my surprise, the books are arranged and stacked neatly.  There are shelves, just like how it is in National Bookstore branches.  But there are also areas where the books have no order, albeit still neatly arranged. However, this is where the 'gold mine' is so everyone lingers around that area, including me.

I head for the Young Adult section first because I know that these are the books that will be gone first. I can always go to the Non-Fiction, Business, and Hobbies sections later. I have always been a strategic shopper whether it be books, clothes, or what-nots.

There are more books and genres in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale but in the NBS Book Binge Bazaar, everything is priced at only three levels--- P75, P175, and P275. So it is easy to go through your pile and compute how much you're buying in total. I have photos of a few books since I send them while on a shopping spree to both T and my sister in the US, asking if they want any of them. I can't believe the price tags on these books!

I would've gotten more but I am worried about how I am going to bring all of the books home. I am alone so I have to carry everything myself, not to mention, unfamiliar with SM Megamall. What if I get lost? I'm still suffering from a bit of back pain so I don't think I can go far while carrying anything heavy.

Despite my restraint in buying, I still end up with around 20 books for myself, for my nephew Lucas, for my sister Sab who both like reading as much as I do, and for Ara who is collecting books for the library she is building together with Gawad Kalinga.

While I was in line to pay, a National Bookstore employee admires the long queue, composed mostly of young people, and say to no one in particular, "Haaay, thank God we still have readers.. the saviors of humanity".  And I agree with him.  Like I said, I will always advocate reading anytime, anywhere. And that's one of the reasons why I wrote these blog posts about the NBS Book Binge Bazaar and the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.  Whatever will make more people buy and read books, I'm in!

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