2018 Book Fairs (part 1): The Big Bad Wolf at the World Trade Center Manila.

If there's one thing that could beat my love for shopping, it would be my love for books. When we were younger, my Dad would always give me and my sister 100 pesos to spend on books (our training of handling money was by being given specific amounts for certain items but if we needed more, we could ask for it but we just had to justify why). Books were cheaper then so I remember being able to buy two Sweet Valley books already with that allowance. I also love reading R.L. Stine and Christoper Pike but unfortunately, not all of the titles are available in the Philippines. So when we go to the US, I would always go home with a luggage or a balikbayan box filled with books (Waldenbooks was the shizz!). I thank my mom for always encouraging us to read and my Dad for indulging us in this hobby, even if they were not readers themselves.

There were back-to-back book fairs this month and I plotted them both in my calendar. Let me start with the Big Bad Wolf Sale at the World Trade Center. I've been receiving direct messages on Instagram ever since I posted about it in my IG stories. Two million books at 60-80% off housed in one hall. How amazing is that!  The sale coincided with Valentines week so I told T no fancy restaurant for me this year.. Just bring me to this book fair and I will be more than happy. He stayed true to his promise and we went on the first day of the sale.

Ideally, the best time to go would be at 9am when the sale opens but with my bad back and all, I'm not sure if I could handle the crowd.  We went at around 11pm and there were still a lot of people but only a short line to get in. I knew it was going to be a long night so I came prepared and wore sneakers, donned a backpack instead of a handbag, and brought eco bags (dapat pala maleta but more on that later).

I walk inside the World Trade Center and was amazed with what I saw. The huge hall is divided into sections-- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's, YA, Design, Travel, Cooking, Architecture, to name a few.  There are more genres here than in NBS' Book Binge Bazaar, another book fair I went to, which I will write about tomorrow.  

There were a lot of kids in this fair despite the lateness of the hour and I'm sure there were more earlier that day. I'm an I'm happy that there are still quite a number of readers in this generation. I daresay, probably even more than ours, despite all technological distractions such as game consoles and smart phones, which were not present during our time.

Unlike the Book Binge Bazaar of National Bookstore where book prices are set at P75, P175, and P275, the prices in the Big Bad Wolf book sale range from P100 to to P5,000, but definitely still 50-80% less than the prices outside.

Even if T and I went here late already, I still got a few best sellers like the Game of Thrones Graphic Novel for P290, the Maze Runner boxed set (4 books) for P780, The Revenant for P190, a Stephen King hardbound book for P230, and Michael Connelly (author of The Lincoln Lawyer) books for P190.  We also got books on travel and cooking like Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes which we bought for only P580 when its current price in bookstores is around P2,000.

I'm a bit OC when it comes to books so I'm happy that most of them are sealed and there's a sample beside the pile in case you want to browse through the book first.

There's also an area where you can dump all your 'unwanted books'. I had a look and found The Revenant, The Crypto Currency, and a few others still worth buying. So I suggest taking a stroll in  this area before you head on over to the cashier.

I was so busy with book shopping that I forgot to take photos.  The only ones I have on my phone are the ones I sent T so I could show him my finds or where I was because we split ways to take advantage of the the time. Thankfully my supportive instahusband remembered and took photos of me and of the sale!

It was almost 3am when we finished but the lines in the cashiers were still long.  Kudos to the organizers though because everything was orderly. There were ushers and security around so it never got out of hand. Actually, kudos to the people who were book shopping too. Despite being tired and sleepy, every one was still courteous and polite. 

I had an 8am class the next day, I would only have two to three hours of sleep but I would have to say this trip was worth it.

Now who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? No one, every one now loves it! The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be in Manila until February 24 and admission is FREE.  Happy shopping and maybe I'll see you there!

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