Restaurants at the New Wing of Power Plant Mall Rockwell.

I've been going to the Powerplant Mall since it opened around 17 years ago (oh wow, it's been that long already??) and it's also my second home so I've seen the stores come and go or relocate to different areas of the mall. However, the expansion last year is probably the biggest one yet and now the new wing is open with more stores and restaurants.   Here are the ones that are already open as of today:

Din Tai Fung

The first time I ate in Din Tai Fung was when T and I went to Hong Kong (read my blog post about our Hong Kong trip).  My friends were warning me about the wait but we were lucky because in that split second that we arrived, we were immediately given seats. Just a few minutes later, it was already a blockbuster line! The Philippines is no different. This Michelin-star restaurant has been drawing people to queue every time a new branch opens. Odd hours during weekdays are ok but weekends, especially Sundays, are crazy.

Read more about it:

Harlan & Holden Dining

Harlan & Holden is a clothing store but they also have a cafe at the outdoor area of Powerplant Mall. I had lunch here with Yuki (aka Style Cat) to talk about and help her with wedding plans. I think they're still pretty much in the soft opening stage because they had no drink except water. Good thing they already serve coffee!

Image credit: Power Plant Mall

Starbucks Reserve

I don't study at home and I most especially can't study in a quiet library so as a law student, Starbucks has been my main go-to place, especially the branches in Rockwell. My favorite spot in the Powerplant Mall branch is the one by the corner where I am hidden by a post from the rest of the store. Come to think of it though, I look like a solo fish in an aquarium because the people outside can see me as the walk by.  But now, oh my. The Powerplant branch is so nice. And it's a Starbucks Reserve!  I'll talk about this more in another blog post.


This isn't exactly a restaurant but more of a store but since it's the first Nespresso Boutique in the metro, I'll include it in the list.  Hay, just when I am trying to cut back on coffee.. The temptation!


Another one of my weaknesses.. cheese tarts! Well anything cheese, actually. Do you know that they Bake sells one cheese tart every second? And this one is just a walk away from me #whatdiet

Shi Lin

Shi Lin is a Taiwanese restaurant that serves Xiao Long Bao too.  Considering that Din Tai Fung is just a floor below, it's still pretty packed during weekends!

The Wholesome Table

We already tried The Wholesome Table in BGC (read my blog post about it) but it wasn't really for us so I'm not sure if T is willing to give the Rockwell branch another go.  But I have to say, I am loving the ambiance of this branch.

There are still a number of restaurants and food stalls that will open such as Cafe Mary Grace, Carmen's Best Ice Cream, Draft Gastropub, Elbert's Sandwiches, Ippudo, Mesa, Sumosam (this used to be in this area too), and Paul Boulangerie.  There are also a number of shops in this wing such as Signet, Commonwealth (still about to open), Harlan & Holden, Seek the Uniq, Kiehl's, Retail Lab, and Koket.  And although they do hold classes in Rockwell Club, Saddlerow is opening its own studio in Powerplant Mall.  The Spa is also already open.  You can have a mini tour of the new wing in this video I made HERE.

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