Restaurants at the New Wing of Power Plant Mall Rockwell.

I've been going to the Powerplant Mall since it opened around 17 years ago (oh wow, it's been that long already??) and it's also my second home so I've seen the stores come and go or relocate to different areas of the mall. However, the expansion last year is probably the biggest one yet and now the new wing is open with more stores and restaurants.   Here are the ones that are already open as of today:

Din Tai Fung

The first time I ate in Din Tai Fung was when T and I went to Hong Kong (read my blog post about our Hong Kong trip).  My friends were warning me about the wait but we were lucky because in that split second that we arrived, we were immediately given seats. Just a few minutes later, it was already a blockbuster line! The Philippines is no different. This Michelin-star restaurant has been drawing people to queue every time a new branch opens. Odd hours during weekdays are ok but weekends, especially Sundays, are crazy.

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Breezes at Nüwa in City of Dreams Manila.

T and I had our first mini honeymoon at Crown Towers (now called Nüwa) in City of Dreams Manila as a gift from my mom. I already wrote about my staycation experience there so this time, I'll talk about the breakfast buffet at Breezes instead.

Impossible Live of London West End is in Manila!

Magic shows have always interested me.  Even as a child, I knew it wasn't real magic but it was the illusion that sparked my interest and I wanted to figure out how to do it. I'm not sure if any of you remember but the world-renowned magician Harry Blackstone went to the Philippines in the 80s or early 90s and luckily, my parents brought us to see the show. It was amazing and I could never forget it.

After that, I'd ask my parents to buy me those magic kits. I would learn the tricks but perform it only for my mom and sister. I wasn't interested in performing at all. I just wanted to know how magicians do it.  The only time I "performed" in front of other people was when our English college professor told us to prepare a speech geared towards convincing people to do or buy something. But I just didn't write a speech.  I performed magic tricks as well.  My goal was to encourage people to enroll at Hogwart's and did a magic show with my speech incorporated in the performance.  I remember my teacher saying during my tricks, "Ay alam ko na yan, ganito mangyayari" ("Oh I know what's going to happen already") but I totally surprise everyone with a different outcome.  Sad to say the teacher didn't give me a high grade because I guess he felt embarrassed because none of the  calls were right but keeping the class entertained during my whole speech and receiving lots of oohhhs and aaahs was enough reward for me because usually, everyone just dozes off while people give their speeches.

That's why when my friend Ara told me that "Impossible" from London's West End is coming to Manila, I immediately bought tickets. It was timely too because it's wedding monthsary.  We don't really like traditional celebrations for monthsaries or anniversaries so watching a magic show was something we both liked and enjoyed.

Looking Back at 2016.

Nope, that's not a typo in the title.  I know it's 2018 already and I should be reminiscing about 2017 but I wasn't able to do this tradition of mine last year and I still could not stop thinking about it. 2016 was one of the most momentous years for me since T and I got engaged!  So before I go down memory lane for 2017, let me pay tribute to 2016 (and it's written like 2016 is just about to end because I'll just be continuing a draft that I've started before). So here goes..

First Breakfast of the Year

Like always, T and I celebrated New Year's Eve in Tagaytay Highlands with his family and then we went to Balay Dako for the breakfast buffet.  Check out the view of our family room.  This was taken from the balcony!

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Happy New Year!

There are so many things I want to say but to sum it all up.. THANK YOU 2017!  You were amazing.