Jo Koy Live in Manila & Cebu!

Some say sweetness is their weakness and I thought that was true for me too. But apparently, mine is laughter. Through the years, I realized that all I need in this world to be happy is to eat good food, travel every so often to distant places, and laugh to my heart's content.

Jo Koy is the shizz. I watch his show on Netflix over and over and still laugh even if I already know what the punch lines are. T even plays Jo Koy's podcasts in the car to ease the stress of the daily commute, especially when traffic is bad.  So when I learned that Jo Koy was coming to the Philippines to do a few shows, I got really excited. Things got so crazy with wedding planning though that I wasn't able to buy tickets immediately. By the time I was able to check online, everything was sold out. I was so disappointed!

But how it always is for me, a person who rarely has a "want", the universe conspired once again to grant my wish.  T and I ended up watching Jo Koy at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu.

Yes, T and I flew all the way to Cebu just to watch Jo Koy's show.  We actually had another trip planned and we will be missing Game 3 of the much anticipated DLSU vs Ateneo basketball game but for me, it's all worth it. I was laughing for hours on end! I think Jo Koy also had a lot of fun with the crowd that night because he was already over time and yet he still kept going. The jokes that followed didn't seem rehearsed anymore and it just felt like we were in a big room with a friend telling one humorous story after another, which was even better! 

So thank you STG and to everyone who made this possible (you guys know who you are) for a laughter-filled and restful weekend in Cebu.  Salamat kaayo!

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