My First Skydiving Experience With Pacific Coast San Diego.

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I am still on a wedding high (does it even wear off??) and I can't wait to write about it but I realized I haven't blogged about this item I checked off my bucket list.. Skydiving! I was looking through my drafts and saw this post left unpublished.  So let me tell you first about my experience with Pacific Coast Sky Diving in San Diego, California before I go full blast about our wedding.

I've always liked heights. I enjoyed going up the cliff in Bali last May (read my blog post about the Highlights of My Bali Trip), the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center in June, and just recently, a mountain overlooking the Coachella Valley. The best part.. Looking down and seeing what lies below. Crazy right? But I can totally relate to Nicholas Cage in City of Angels because I love being in high, high places! If not an angel, maybe I was a bird in another life.

So when my sister asked me if I wanted to go skydiving, I immediately say yes! We are supposed to do it during my birthday but half-jokingly I tell her that I'd rather do it much later in the year because in case something happens, at least I enjoyed the last days of my life. Fourth of July comes and we both decide it is the perfect moment to jump.

This is actually the same time last year we did the Slingshot Ride (read my blog post about the Del Mar Fair and the Slingshot Ride).  You know those funny videos on Facebook where people pass out during the ride?  That's the one. I thought that was pretty hard to top but here comes my sister's skydiving idea.

The skydiving package includes a scenic ride along the Pacific Coast of Mexico and California.  However, we remain in the air a bit longer than usual because the aircraft below us is apparently having problems and we could not be given clearance to jump.  To other people, this would've been an omen not to proceed but I see a rainbow in the clouds and take that as a sign to go through with it instead.

My instructor John is pretty wacky and crazy.. in a good way. He eats a slice of pizza while walking to the plane and during the flight, he keeps pushing me towards and out the door (well, the plane entrance/exit because the door is left open even as we take off from the runway) as a joke. But when he feels I am getting the jitters, he tells me about his kids and that he has done the jump more than 13,000 times, which is double the number of everyone else. All of that actually puts me at ease.  And after what seems like forever, John informs me that it is finally time to jump.

First timers only do one or two twirls but John asks me if I am game to do more.  Of course I say yes.  It's now or never!  So we spin and spin and spin and spin.. What a major adrenaline rush!

My sister warned me that everyone gets ugly skydiving face so my facial expression should be neutral.  But I couldn't contain my excitement.  As you can see, here I am trying to smile but failing miserably.  I  think I look like I'm going to burst into tears instead.

Our package comes with a video of the jump and I'm happy they let us choose the songs we want for it.  I love the editing of my video with my choice of songs.  So before hitting play, turn on your speakers first.  

Finally, I just want to congratulate my sister for jumping with me! She's as adventurous as I am but I never knew that she used to have a fear of heights.  She shares this with me just right before our jump, crazy little girl.  But she did it!

This is definitely an experience to remember.  Bucket list levels! Both my sister and I could not stop watching our videos and reliving the moment over and over. I don't want to give away too much about the experience in case you are planning to dive also but I have to tell you two things: 1) Wear something comfortable, nothing too tight or loose and 2) Do NOT eat before skydiving.  If you're in San Diego or visiting soon and you plan to go skydiving, I posted our photo above with Pacific Coast Skydiving's contact details.  Good luck!

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