The South District Food Hall in Madison Galeries Alabang.

T and I are happy when restaurants open in Alabang. Although we are content with the usual go-to places in our home base, sometimes we are in the mood to try something new. One Sunday, after hearing mass at the beautiful Sacred Heart Jesus Parish Church near Alabang Hills and Hillsborough Alabang, we go to Madison Galeries to check out The South District Food Hall, which opened only last July.

The South District Food Hall gives a whole new meaning to the term 'food court'. For one, the interior design is interesting. The tables and chairs are a mix of wood, metal, and ceramic. There are faux library shelves which serve as wall dividers and peculiar monkey and reindeer lamps on the walls. Hanging from the ceiling are equally fascinating odd-shaped lamps like the one in the photo. After going around to check out the rest of the hall, I join T's mom in Juju Eats.

T's mom orders the Thai Chicken Salad (PhP150/half) which has the house mix, grilled chicken, cashew nuts, mint, cilantro, and Asian dressing.

I order the Samurai Salad (PhP155/half) which has the house mix, kani, nori, mango, cucumber, tobiko, and wasabi-mayo dressing.  I like the dressing because it's spicy.  

T and I then go to Bronx because we are both in the mood for some fried chicken.

T orders The Notorious (PhP150) which they describe as the perfectly crunchy fried chicken with a Bronx twist. This set comes with rice and a dip. T chooses the Cheese Dip to go with his meal.

I just want something to munch on and order The Bomberz (PhP120). Apparently, it's the same as The Notorious but this one is in chicken nuggets/tenders form, which I prefer. It doesn't come with a dip though so I get an extra order of BBQ Dip which costs around 30 pesos.

The Bomberz is bitin so we order another. We also get an extra order of Sriracha Ketchup. Out of all the sauces, my favorite is BBQ while T's favorite is Cheese. We have yet to try the Adobo Dip.

Drinks are available in a booth called Liquid Luck. T gets a Raspberry Iced Tea while I get a Sprite Zero (can't eat without my Coke Zero or Sprite Zero!). The Ginger Lemon bottled drink belongs to T's mom and is from Juju Eats.

There are other restaurants in the food hall we have yet to try such as Dos Bandidos (Fil-Mexican), Tix Mix (Persian and Indian), and Chef T (meats and ribs). Nolita, which serves New York-style pizza, is also opening soon.

Image credit: Dos Bandidos

Image credit: Chef T

Image credit: Nolita

The South District Food Hall
Dining Date: 23 July 2017

Contact Information

4F, Madison Galeries
Don Jesus Boulevard
(near Alabang Hills and Hillsborough Alabang)
Alabang, Muntinlupa

Facebook Page

Twitter/Instagram: @madisongaleries

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
11:00am to 10:00pm

Friday to Sunday
11:00am to 12:00mn

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