Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese in Alabang Town Center.

After picking me up from the airport, T and I have dinner at Mr. Roboto, the newest restaurant to open at the Sykes Building in Alabang Town Center.  The first thing that catches our attention is the retro wall featuring 80's favorite comics and cartoons like Voltes V and Mazinger Z.  You can't miss it when you walk by.

T and I are a bit lost with the menu so we ask the server for Mr. Roboto's specials and order those.  For starters, we have the Mr. Roboto (PhP280+SC) from the Gendai Sashimi menu.  It has Tuna Slices, Spicy Tuna, and Negi Tuna.

We like the Tuna Slices, the Negi Tuna not so much, the Spicy Tuna is just ok. The Negi Tuna is similar to poke, which is familiar to our tastebuds, but this version we didn't like. 

We also order the Mazinger Z (PhP235+SC) which has Spicy Salmon, Negi Salmon, and Crunchy Salmon Skin. It is also just ok but plus points for presentation.  The wasabi is good, tangy but not very spicy.

For our main, I order the Pork Tonkatsu (PhP395) which comes with grilled vegetables and rice and has a choice of Roboto Curry or Roboto Gravy.  The server suggests the latter so that's what I choose.  The tonkatsu is not the usual boneless meat with tonkatsu sauce served in Japanese restaurants.  Mr. Roboto's version is more reminiscent of the pork chops served in school canteens, especially because of the gravy, which isn't really a bad thing unless you were craving for the traditional tonkatsu.

T orders the Gyudon (PhP450+) from the Donburi menu which has beef sukiyaki, vegetable tempura, aburi egg yolk, and Roboto donburi sauce.   He says it's just ok.

Thumbs Up!
Quick service.
Interesting decor.
Food presentation.

Thumbs Down!
Limited selection of main dishes.
Expensive prices for the food served.

T and I love Japanese cuisine but didn't really appreciate Mr. Roboto's twist to the traditional dishes.  We also found the menu a bit limited and the prices expensive for what was served to us. There are still some items we haven't tried though so maybe we'll visit another time.  

Mr. Roboto
Dining Date: 13 July 2017

Contact Information

G/F, Sykes Building
Alabang Town Center
Madrigal Avenue

Tel No.: (02) 817-5604

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
11:00am - 9:00pm

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