Skin 101's Refreshing Collagen Facial.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to Skin 101 in Alabang Town Center to try their facials.  

I told my aesthetician that I have sensitive skin so they suggested the Refreshing Collagen Facial which is a cooling mask infused with collagen.  All facials at Skin 101 include thorough cleaning, a relaxing facial massage, vacuum, laser, and a mask to tighten the skin. The Refreshing Collagen Fancial also includes pricking but I was scared so I skipped that part.

Kudos to Skin 101 for having allergy lotion readily available. I do have REALLY sensitive skin so my skin sort of reacted to the products but without me asking, the allergy lotion was applied to my face after the facial and the redness was gone in minutes.

Are you also a bride-to-be like me? Check out Skin 101's promo packages for us.

Thank you to Jamie and Skin 101 for the afternoon treat!

For more information, visit Skin 101's website at or find them on Facebook and Instagram @skin101_ph. 

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