Decathlon Sports in Festival Mall Alabang.

Decathlon, Europe's number 1 sports retailer, is now in Manila.  Lucky me, their first mega store in the Philippines opened in Festival Mall Alabang, which is near us, so T and I went there last weekend to check it out.  There are so many great finds and the prices are not bad too! Let me share with you what I saw while going around.

T and I went camping a few years back and we didn't enjoy it that much because we weren't prepared.  There are only a few stores that carry limited camping gear unless we buy from name brands which would be too costly for just one night.  But now that Decathlon is here, T and I just want to go camping again!  I mean, c'mon.. A portable shower for only PhP2,900?? The camping backpack I bought was even more expensive than this!  I wasn't able to take photos of the whole section but there are also tents, chairs, tables, cookery, and a whole lot of other stuff for camping.   

Hiking is another activity I have been into these past few years.  Can you believe that hiking fleece jackets are only PhP220 in Decathlon?  There are also hiking boots and sandals.

You can also try out the sandals and boots in different surfaces so you can get a feel of how they are like.

I went crazy when I saw tank tops for working out priced from PhP180 to 220 and running jackets for PhP150!!!

Yoga mats are only PhP200, yoga bricks are PhP190, and yoga mat carriers are PhP500 (but there are only around five pieces left as of last weekend).  Check out the cute yoga/pilates leggings too!

For gym buffs, cross training accessories are priced for as low as PhP90.  As you can see, the entire rack is almost wiped out.

One nice thing I noticed about Decathlon is that almost all of their sections have items for men, women, and kids of all ages.  No one gets left behind when shopping here!

There's even an area for walking accessories.. Yes, walking.  Not just running.

I really want this poncho because it's been raining unexpectedly during different times of the day. But T told me I own a few of these already and I barely use them so I placed the item back in the rack.  Fast forward to today and I'm still thinking about it though! I might come back for you one of these days little red poncho :D

I remember how hard it was to search for rain boots (I like being prepared for every possible disaster including a zombie apocalypse) and how expensive they were.  Now there are cute and readily-available wellies in Decathlon.

There are also skates and skateboards and an area to try them out.

The swimming and diving section is one of my favorites in Decathlon since T and I are always going on beach trips.  These full snorkel masks got sold out pretty quickly on the first day Decathlon opened.  There was a whole rack full of them in different colors but as of last weekend, there are only five pieces of medium-to-large pink masks left. In case you need them, hurry over to Alabang right now.  They might get sold out soon.

I think T and I became too busy shopping in this section because I forgot to take photos of the other items.  There are also a lot of items for kids like snorkels, fins, floaters, and swimwear.

I'm ecstatic Decathlon has aqua shoes! I don't like going barefoot anywhere (not even my bathroom) so aqua shoes are a must for me when I travel.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find aqua shoes that would last the trip or if I do, they're not that cute.  The one I found in Decathlon could pass as flats.  If you love pink, they have pairs in those color as well.

I started boxing way back in 2004 when there weren't a lot of boxing gyms yet that offered training to non-professional boxers nor were there available boxing gear.  Thanks to Manny Pacquiao, interest in the sport grew, more boxing gyms were put up over the years, and now a wide-range of boxing gear is available in Decathlon.

Football is another growing sport in the country and there's a big section devoted to it in Decathlon.  There's even an area where you can try kicking soccer balls into different kinds of goals, which they also sell.

Let's not forget tennis.  Tennis balls are PhP50 each, apparel ranges from P260 to P300, rackets are PhP480, and shoes are PhP900.

Of course basketball has always been popular here.  I wasn't able to take a photo of it but I like the portable ring which you can bring anywhere and attach to anything because like they say, basketball never stops.

If you were an athlete in the 90's, you know how hard it was to find braces and supports in Manila.  I always had to grudgingly reserve luggage space (I'm kidding girls! :)) for my teammates' ankle braces and kneepads whenever I go to the US.  Now, they have a whole rack in Decathlon.

Decathlon also has a section for specialty sports like dancing and gymnastics, target shooting, and horseback riding!

I'm happy there's a store like Decathlon in the Philippines now.  Of course, there are specialty stores and brand names already here but when you're starting a sport or an activity and you don't want to spend that much, Decathlon would be a good place to shop.

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