Container Turf Food Park in BF Homes Paranaque.

I finally got to visit Container Turf in BF Homes ParaƱaque two weeks ago.  It's a food park with more or less 25 food stalls that sell different items.  I have a penchant for fair food (read my blog post about the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar) which is characteristically interesting but not weird or icky. Majority of what's available in Container Turf is sort of like that.  Every stall has its own unique concept.  It's difficult to take a photo of each and every one though because there are too many people, so let me just go through the food we've tried during our visits.

Pothead Pig
(Ground Floor)

Pothead Pig is the brain child of Boy 2 Quizon and his friend Jeff.  T has been craving for their Chicken Honey Garlic so this is the first stall we go to.

On the counter are bowls of freshly made chicken skin and chicharon bulaklak for free tasting.  How can anyone resist that? Good marketing ploy guys! ;)

T orders the Honey Garlic Chicken (PhP149) he was craving for while I order my favorite Lechon Kawali (PhP149).  Of course, we had to order the tempting Chicken Skin (PhP99) too!  

Boy 2 said it was his idea to come up with this type of serving dish. Did you get the witty connection to the stall's name? He also tells me that I should've tried their sisig, which is even better than the lechon kawali.

So I order the Food Trip Sisig (PhP179) on our next visit during Boy 2's birthday and he was right.  It is good!  If you like crunchy sisig with a bit of mayo, this is for you.  A must-try!

Sausage Party 
(Second Level)

Almost every table around us has a platter from Sausage Party so I had to take a photo.  I'm not sure if it's any good since T and I haven't tried it yet but it's definitely Instagram-worthy from the server costumes to the presentation of the food.  The balloon, which contains spices and sauces, is popped upon serving.  Like I said.. Instagrammable.

Above Sea Level
(Second Level)

I love calamari and always order when I see it on the menu. That's why Above Sea Level catches my attention, being the "home of the giant butterfly squid family".  The lines are crazy though so if you plan on trying their food, go here first.

Honestly, it's not the best calamari I've tasted but it's so soft that you can peel pieces from the stick using your hands without any effort.  I also give it plus points for presentation and serving size.  Check out how big this is!  

El Chapos
(Ground Level)

During my first visit, T and I were on our way to a birthday dinner but I made one last food stop at El Chapos because of my love for Mexican food.  

I order the Chicharitos Taco (PhP85), which is lechon sisig soft taco served with sour cream and salsa verde.  Despite having lechon kawali before this, I still love it.  No umay factor.  I also like how it's really spicy because not all Mexican dishes here in the Philippines are.  Plus points also for the effort in the presentation.

Tokyo Tempura
(Second Level)

Tokyo Tempura created quite a buzz because of their Unlimited Tempura for only 199 pesos. T orders this during Boy 2's birthday but we didn't like it that much.  It wasn't bad but it was just ok.  Also, the unlimited tempura promo only applies if you eat in front of their stall.

Swig and Guzzle
(Ground Level)

There is only one place to buy drinks in Container Turf and that's in Swig and Guzzle.  They sell both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

T orders the Raspberry Iced Tea while I order the House Blend Iced Tea, both in 69ers 2-liter sizes.  This is supposed to be good for two to three persons (as you can see from the straws) but T and I finish one bowl each.  Very refreshing and sulit for the price!

There are so many other stalls I want to try so T and I will definitely go back to Container Turf.  Congratulations Dos, Jeff, Neil, King, and everyone else.  See you guys there again soon!

Container Turf
Most Recent Dining Date: 25 July 2017

Contact Information

238 and 240 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes
Paranaque City

Facebook Page

Instagram: @containerturf

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
4:00pm - 2:00am


  1. How to go there from olivarez college?

    1. I'm not sure where Olivarez College is but Container Turf is inside BF Homes Paranaque along Aguirre St. You can use Waze or Google Maps :)

  2. from olivarez, take sucat road, turn right lopez entrance, take el grande road, turn left to aguirre, that's along aguirre avenue and thats on the left side before ramirez street. just ask or use apps if you are lost.


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