My Top 5 French Fries in Metro Manila.

I had a craving for fries one day and asked my Facebook friends for the best french fries they've had.  Here's a round up of the top answers, as well as my personal preferences, in no particular order.

1. McDonald's French Fries

Almost everyone mentioned McDonald's as their favorite.  Some like it soft and chewy but others like it well done and crispy (like me!) but we all agree that it's best when newly cooked.  T and I enjoy going through the drive thru of 24 hour branches late at night because we always get a fresh batch!  Dip it in McDonald's Hot Fudge sundae? Perfection.

Image credit: @mcdo_ph

2. Army Navy Freedom Fries

T and I just ate in Army Navy last night and was disappointed that they ran out of Freedom Fries!!! I love it because it tastes like Twister Fries (which isn't available year round) but thinner and less oily.

Image credit: @armynavyburgerburrito

3. 8 Cuts Skinny Fries

Another 'skinny' favorite is 8 Cuts' Skinny Fries.  No burger is complete without the fries but this one can stand on its own.

Image credit: @8cutsburgers

4. KFC Crispy Fries

I love KFC's chicken but I equally love their crispy golden fries! And most of you agreed with me too based on comments and messages I received on Facebook.

Image credit: @kfcphilippines

5. Potato Corner French Fries

And of course, the rookie of the year in the french fries industry.. Potato Corner!  T and I usually get our own buckets before watching a movie.  What I like about Potato Corner is that they cook it right after you order so you know you're getting a fresh batch and that there are so many flavors to choose from.

Image credit: @potatocornerph

On another note, do you know that potatoes are good for you? Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium (even more than a banana!)  and are also good for our hearts because they are naturally sodium- and cholesterol free and have zero saturated fat.  For an even healthier option, you can make your own fries at home using US potatoes which are available in all leading supermarkets and which comes in different shapes and sizes including the famous twister cut, crinkle cut, wedges and cooking it using an air fryer.

Now all of that talk about potatoes and french fries is making me crave for it again.  How about you?  What's the best french fries you've tasted here in Metro Manila?


  1. Fries from Burger Geek is my no.1! Next is Potato Corner Sour n cream then Mcdonalds BBQ shake shake fries!

    1. Burger Geek! That's what T said too. Sayang we were there the other day. I should've tried it instead of ordering my favorite fried pickles :P


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