Okada Manila: Open Restaurants + Medley Dinner Buffet + The Fountain Show.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Okada Manila because it's the newest hotel and casino in Entertainment City and it houses the biggest multi color dancing fountain in the world.. Yes, in the world!  T and I paid a visit there a few weeks ago to check what restaurants and stores are already open so we can go someplace new for dinner.

I've heard mixed rior of Okada Manila's lobby so I wanted to see it for myself.  As soon as I entered, I got Princess Jasmine feels with the exotic decors, big domes on the ceiling, and splashes of pink and gold all around.  What do you think of it?

Lobby Lounge
Monday to Sunday
10:00am - 12:00mn

The first restaurant we see is the Lobby Lounge which also houses Okada's pastry and chocolate shop.  Diners can catch live entertainment here in the evening.

Red Spice
Monday to Sunday
24 hours

As you walk through the casino, you'll see a restaurant called Red Spice serving Cantonese and Northern Chinese cuisines.  The best part is that it's open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Ginza Nagaoka
Monday to Sunday
6:00pm - 11:00pm

T and I almost didn't see these restaurants because we had to pass through construction to get here.  Okada has two Japanese restaurants.  The first one is called Ginza Nagaoka.

It's a sushi bar that only seats a few guests at a time (I counted nine when I entered but I may be mistaken) and requires a semi-formal dress code.  T asks for the menu and I see sushi sets priced around PhP8,000 ($160) per person.

Kappaou Imamura
Monday to Sunday
11:00am - 3:00pm
5:30pm - 11:00pn

The second restaurant is called Kappou Imamura which is headed by Michelin-starred chef Hiro Imamura.  This establishment also requires a semi-formal dress code.

It's a bigger restaurant which serves Japanese ala carte options. 

Medley Buffet
Monday to Sunday
6:30am - 10:30am (Breakfast)
11:30am - 3:00pm (Lunch)
6:00pm - 11:00pm (Dinner)

Just when T and I talk about watching what we eat because of our upcoming wedding, we decide to try the Medley Buffet.  My blog motto still stands true.. Every diet does start tomorrow!

The staff and servers are friendly and attentive.  I'm not a fan of the interior but I like the flowers beside our table.    

The dinner buffet is quite extensive and it'll take too long to discuss the dishes one by one.  So let's just go section per section, shall we? As soon as you enter, you'll see the Seafood on Ice on your left.  Everything is plus-sized!

Beside it are bite-sized appetizers arranged in a tower.

I try not to eat a lot of appetizers to save stomach space but I'll go through the sections for you.  First up are the Salad Station and Cold Appetizer Station.

There are so many appetizers to choose from!  Pumpkin Pana Cotta, Bay Scallop Cocktail with Citrus, Lump Crab with Mango and Pea Sprout Salad, Poached Salmon with Caper Yogurt Herb in Dressing, Assorted Grilled Bell Pepper with Halloumi Cheese, and Shrimp Salad in Truffle Red Wine Shallot Vinaigrette, take your pick.

Next is the Bread Station as well as my favorite part of a buffet (grilled meat comes in close second).. The Cheese Station!  Medley doesn't have a cheese room like Sofitel but they do have a good selection.  

Sadly, they don't serve crackers so I settle for bread sticks instead.

They also have sections for Smoked and Cured Fish and Cold Cuts.

Now let's go to the main courses.  Beside the Seafood on Ice Station are the Sushi, Sashimi, and Maki Stations.

Props for the tuna and salmon sashimi boat display.

Opposite those boats are the Tempura Station and the Japanese Grill Station.  

The Salmon Teppanyaki is really good.  Good thing it's recommended to me by the chef assigned to the station otherwise, I would've just passed it.

There's also Miso Soup further down the row.

Next is the Pasta and Pizza Station.  I love how there are three kinds of sauces (red, white, and pesto) as well as a number of condiments.

And we arrive at my second favorite part of the buffet.. The Carving Station, complete with sidings!

I don't eat lamb but T said this dish is good.

Next is an area for Asian cuisine which begins with a Make-Your-Own-Laksa Station.

And then there's the Chinese Carvings Station and the Dimsum Station.

There's also a whole row of other Chinese dishes but these two catch my eye-- Diced Beef in Black Pepper Sauce and Squid Celery in XO Sauce.

In the middle is the Spanish/Mexican Station complete with paella and nachos, among other dishes.

There's also a Mediterranean Station featuring hummus and other dips, pita bread, sauces, Eggplant and Lamb Moussaka.

Near the end of the buffet row is the Korean Station with Banchan, which usually consists of bap (cooked rice), guk or tang (soup), gochujang, or ganjang, jiggae, and kimchi.

There's also Bibimbap, Gudeungo Gui, and Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly).

And finally, there's a Filipino Station with dishes such as Bulalo, Lechon Kawali, and get this.. Fried Chicken Skin! 

Now it's time for the Dessert Station, another one of my favorites.  There are so many items to choose from so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.  

Popcorn, CHECK! Chocolate fondue fountain, CHECK! Truffles, CHECK!

I like the Churros Con Chocolate because it doesn't have the bad fried and oily aftertaste most churros in the Philippines have.

However, I'm a bit disappointed with the Apple Crumble.  I love apple pie and anything similar to it but this just lacks sweetness and flavor.

Not into sugary sweets? Don't worry there's a Fruit Station.

The dinner buffet is PhP2,700 nett per person and if you ask me and T if it's worth it? We say yes!  

After dinner, T and I explore the rest of the grounds.  Aside from the ones I previously mentioned, other food establishments already open are Cafe Mary Grace, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, Cha Time, and Pink's Hot Dogs.   These are all located by the fountain area.

We then catch the fountain show which happens every thirty minutes, all days of the week.  I've seen the Dancing Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas but Okada Manila's show tops even that!  You can also catch the World of Wonders Performances every 8:00pm, from Friday to Sunday.

Image credit: Okada Manila

A lot of areas are still under construction so expect more establishments to pop up in the weeks or months to come.  I'm also excited to see Cove Manila in full operation, which is supposedly Okada Manila's pool club.  And one last thing, I'm not sure if it's because Okada Manila isn't fully operational yet but from the parking, you have to take a service to get to the lobby.  We didn't have to wait long though.  As soon as we get out of the car, there is already a service waiting to bring us to the main entrance.


  1. We tried Medley Buffet a few weeks ago and it was quite a food trip. I loved how there were a lot of choices, it was actually hard to try everything. The mind was willing but the stomach not so much. Was a tad disappointed with the churros though because the one I tried tasted so much of re-used oil. :( Good to know that you didn't experience that. We had the lobsters cooked in garlic butter for extra yumminess!

    1. Yes such a food trip! I was full to the brim when we left Medley. T had his lobsters cooked in garlic butter and it was good! I prefer mine just steamed with cocktail sauce.

      About the churros, oh I hate that! I probably got the first batch of churros since we were one of the first few diners that day.

  2. I just noticed. They are not open for lunch? Just breakfast and dinner? That's odd

  3. I like your blog about okada mam also the buffet area 😊 what if i want to visit there, i need to be a member Or i need to have a membership card?

    1. Thank you and no you don't need a membership card to go in.

  4. We will be celebrating our company's Christmas party at OKADA and We will be using the pool club. what would be the appropriate attire should we use since they havent mentioned an specific theme? TIA

    1. It might be better to call and ask them directly :)

  5. Hi! Do they have american cuisine?

  6. It looks so tasty and expensive but still want to give it a try.

    1. A bit costly but I'd say you'll get value for your money :)

  7. Hi. By any chance, do you have idea about their time policy. Are they strict? Will probably arrive at 2pm latest for lunch. Is 1 hour enough?

    1. Im not sure about the strictness but most buffets usually pack up by 3, latest 3:15. I would say an hour would be cutting it close but if you dont mind getting your dessert while still eating your mains, I think that would be enough. From what I know, you don't have to leave by 3 but the food from the buffet spread will be taken away already.


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