La Vie Institute + Benefit Cosmetics' Lifestyle Make-Up Workshop.

Like many of you, I'm one of those girls who buy make up but don't really know how to use them.  It's just so tempting to go inside Sephora or Beauty Bar and buy everything right?? I know of the brands and their products but what use would that be if I don't know how to apply them correctly.

That's why I got excited when La Vie Institute and Benefit Cosmetics invited me to their Lifestyle Make-Up Workshop which is basically a 101 for everyday make up routines.  It's perfect and just what I need.

I'm actually a 'late bloomer'.  I was an athlete and back then, volleyball wasn't televised yet so there was no need for us to apply even a tinge of make up.  I do buy products but I rarely use them.  My history with using make up regularly started when I had a meeting with a corporate client of the firm I was connected with years ago.  Before we started, I was asked if a lawyer was attending the meeting as well.  I asked them what they meant (because I am their lawyer) and that's when they asked me how old I was.  When I told them I was already in my late 20s, we all laughed because they thought I was only a 21-year old assistant and not a lawyer.

I know I should've taken this as a compliment but honestly, it didn't feel like one at that time.  So I started wearing red lipstick (yes, the magic of red lipstick) to meetings and began exploring the world of make up.  But like I said, I still don't know how to use the products I buy up to this day and that's why I'm interested in what Milcah, our instructor, has to teach us about everyday make up.

We begin our class with a discussion on cleaning our hands and brushes, moisturizing our faces, as well as what primers and foundations to use. 

I've only recently discovered foundation and have been using Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water.  I learn, however, that it's not really considered a foundation so Milcah gives me Maybelline's Satin Skin to try.  I use an Artist Studio stippling brush for application but we are also given Suesh brushes to use throughout the session.

The nice thing about the class is that we can work with what we already have in our kits but on the table also are products from Benefit we could try and use. I love Benefit Cosmetics!  It's one of the first brands I turned to during my teenage years when I started buying make up.

These are a few items from my make up kit.  I have a whole bunch of other stuff at home.  As you can see, I even have three different types of concealers.  I don't know why I got it.. Probably read something in a magazine and purchased the palette on a whim.  I learn during our session what the different concealers are for and how to use them.

After all the introductions are over, Milcah does a lecture per section of our face.  She then shows us how it is done and we apply what she just taught us to our own face.  If we need assistance or if there's something we don't understand, Milcah is right there to help us.

Milcah also shares some make up secrets, especially when it comes to our eyebrows. Hashtag #kilayislife. But I won't reveal any here so you have to take a class in La Vie Institute to learn about them  ;)

Tada! This is my finished work and I'm happy I finally got to use my Naked 3 Palette. Not bad for an everyday make up look by a beginner, hmm?

We all go home with new knowledge on everyday make up, gift certificates and discount vouchers from different brands such as Suesh, products from Benefit Cosmetics, and a Certificate of Attendance from La Vie Institute.

La Vie Institute is not only limited to make up classes.  They are all about total personality development and they conduct classes for youngsters (6 to 9 years old), teens (10 to 17 years old), young adults (college to fresh grads), and even professionals like me!  They also have one-on-one seminars for Personal Branding (style and wardrobe make over), English for Specific Purposes (grammar, fluency, pronunciation), Foreign Languages, and Life Coaching.

I highly encourage you to check out the classes La Vie Institute has to offer. I'm a firm believer in improving oneself through continuous learning because we're never too young or old to learn new things or to acquire new skills.  For more information, visit or call (0917) 772-3010 or (02) 831-7414.  

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