BLK 513's Flagship Store in S Maison Conrad.

I love anything dairy, including yogurt.  So when I saw this place called BLK 513 in S. Maison last November that serves activated charcoal frozen yogurt, I told T I had to try it.  

While writing this post, I researched on what activated charcoal is all about.  Apparently, it's used in treating drug overdose or poisoning.  The charcoal is made from normal coal and becomes 'activated' when combined with gas through high temperatures.  And when you ingest activated charcoal, drugs and toxins will bind to it.

A cup (PhP185) comes with one crunch topping, two kinds of fruits, and a choice of sauce.

It might look weird at first because of the grey color but don't worry, it tastes just like yummy creamy yogurt.  Try it!

BLK 513
Date of First Visit: 6 November 2017

2/F S Maison
Conrad Hotel
MOA Complex

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IG: @BLK513ph 


  1. Yummy!Which one is the best for you? BlK513 or llao llao? BLk513 for me!


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