VIP Shopping Night of H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017.

Two weeks ago, I attended the launch and VIP shopping night of H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017 in SM Makati with two of my favorite shopping partners, T and my friend Dianne Lee.

Intramuros (part 2): Lunch Buffet at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant.

...continued from (part 1): Bambike Eco Tours

After biking and walking for almost three hours, we wanted only two things... To change out of our clothes and TO EAT.  All of us wanted something fast but still delectable so we decided to do the lunch buffet at Barbara's Restaurant.

Intramuros (part 1): Bambike Ecotours.

I've been wanting to do a tour around Intramuros since I've heard of Carlos Celdran's walking tour but T and I haven't been able to do so.  Luckily, T's sister Michelle asked us if we wanted to join her and her friends so T and I were finally able to do Bambike's Intramuros Ecotours!

BLK 513's Flagship Store in S Maison Conrad.

I love anything dairy, including yogurt.  So when I saw this place called BLK 513 in S. Maison last November that serves activated charcoal frozen yogurt, I told T I had to try it.  

Tajimaya Japanese Charcoal Grill in Alabang Town Center.

Update (May 15, 2017): T and I experienced really bad service at Tajimaya this evening.

8:15pm  - T and I arrive and was told by the hostess that they will accept us in the waiting list but they will be serving only until 9pm.  We are second in line.

8:20pm - Four tables bill out and became vacant but no one cleared the tables.  Everyone was running around but not really doing anything.. If you know what I mean. I felt like they were just acting busy and for some reason avoiding my gaze.  Two servers were attending to one table, when one of them could've started to clear the vacant table.  I called the attention of the hostess (or supervisor) to this but she ignored us and busily mopped the floor of the bar area, like that chore was more urgent than customers getting a table.  Like I said, it seemed like everyone was avoiding our gaze.

8:30pm - The group before us complain about the vacant tables ready to be occupied.  They even sat in one despite it still having the previous diners' plates just so they could be given attention.  Time was of the essence so we all wanted to be seated.   It was a cook-your-own thing anyway so as long as they give us a table and our food, we can go off on our own.  But that didn't happen. 

8:40pm - Twenty minutes later and a few more vacant tables later, we still weren't seated.  I called the attention of the hostess but she didn't mind us and kept herself busy doing whatever it was by the bar.

8:50pm - T and I just left because everyone was basically ignoring us.

Tajimaya Alabang, I know you guys are still on soft opening but that's why I'm writing about it here so you can improve on it.  If you have customers waiting and closing time is soon, just clear the tables so the customers can sit down, order, and eat.  And NEVER ignore the queries of your customers.  We wouldn't have left if we were answered properly or apprised of our status. 

It's been a while since there's been a new restaurant in Alabang so it's a challenge for me and T to find somewhere new to eat when we're not in the mood to drive far away.  Fortunately, Tajimaya Japanese Charcoal Grill opened a branch in Alabang Town Center last month.