Tomatito Manila: Sexy Tapas Bar.

I usually start my year with a 'Looking Back' entry but a lot has been going on in my life lately (hence, the lack of posts) and I don't have time right now to dig through all the photos from last year and choose my favorite moments so I decided to save that for later. Instead, I'll first write about a recent restaurant T and I have visited.

Last Friday, we found ourselves in BGC looking for a place to eat.  I'm so out of touch with what's new in the restaurant scene but I remember seeing this colorful place while we were driving around the area last month.. Tomatito.

Tomatito is a Spanish tapas bar from Shanghai (yes, that's right) which opened just last December.  It was brought to the Philippines by the same people behind Las Flores, Rambla, and La Lola Churreria.

Tomatito also serves paella and main dishes but T and I decide to get tapas and drinks instead for lunch.   From the Jarras menu, we order Agua de Valencia (PhP595+SC) which is a Mediterranean cocktail made from base of cava, fresh orange, and a touch of vodka and gin.  It's very refreshing!  A must try.

We finish the pitcher in the middle of our meal so we order a Red Sangria (PhP595+SC), which is Tomatito's secret recipe of the typical beverage from Spain, made with red wine, spices, fresh fruits, and a kick of spirits.  We were kind of buzzed after finishing this :D

From the Montanditos (open face sandwich), I choose the Salmon TNT (PhP595+SC) which is explosive balik smoked salmon with honey and truffle.  I wondered what 'BOOM' in the menu description meant until I bit into one.. There was an explosion of honey and truffle in my mouth!  

It's so good that I ordered two more.  You can order some of the tapas by piece and Salmon TNT is one of them (PhP150+SC per piece).

T picks the Filete Con Airbag (PhP325+SC) which is cheese and tenderloin steak air baguettes.   This is also good and a bite in one will send cheese oozing in your mouth.  

From the Frituras (deep fried), T gets the Croquetas de Trufa y Pollo (PhP275+SC) which is Grandma's truffle and chicken croquettes.   He says 'yum' after he eats one.

I also pick the Croquetas Don Julio (PhP375+SC) which is spicy chorizo and cheese croquettes.  T said this is a bit too spicy for his taste.  On the other hand, I like spicy food so Don Julio is a hit for me.

We should've stopped here but T looks at the Montanditos menu again and gets the Fuagras (PhP690+SC).  I don't eat duck so T had to finish this whole lot.  He said it's good but it's too much for one person to finish.  Nakakaumay. Better to share this with another person.

The problem with tapas is that we keep ordering without realizing our bill has been piling up.  We spent more than PhP4,000 on this lunch! Yikes.

Thumbs Up!
Cool ambiance.
Good tapas and drinks.

Thumbs Down!
A bit pricey but most tapas places are anyway.

Tomatito Manila is a nice place to have get togethers with friends (even dates!) because of its vibrant interior and classy but casual feel.

Tomatito Manila
Dining Date: 3 February 2017

BGC Corporate Center


  1. The foods looks so mouthwatering the ambiance is really sexy. Love to visit that restaurant and take a lot of Photos there, LOL it's totally IG worthy ^^ thanks for sharing


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