Restaurants in Conrad Manila's S. Maison Mall.

You might be seeing or reading about S. Maison lately and wondered what it is.  It's the newest luxury mall connected to Conrad Hotel near SM Mall of Asia.  T and I first went there because of Buffalo Wings and there were only a few stores that were operational.  But we like it because Fully Booked (for me) and Titan (for him) are right beside each other so we can spend time in our respective stores without worrying that one of us is getting bored waiting for the other.

Our latest visit was last week and I was pleasantly surprised to see more stores and restaurants open already.  If you're looking for some place new for your holiday dinner, S. Maison would be a good choice.  I'll try to round up the restaurants and cafes I saw while going around the mall although I might have missed some restaurants or cafes so this is no means an extensive list.

Texas Roadhouse (GF)
(opening soon)

The restaurant is still under construction in S. Maison but they're already open in BGC if you want to try it (read my blog post about Uptown Mall).  Their steaks are really good!

TWG Tea (GF)
(opening soon)

I love their tea and macarons so I'm excited for this!  They have branches everywhere including Powerplant Mall in Rockwell and Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila.

Harry's (GF)

Harry's is a little cafe located in one of the corners of S. Maison.  T and I haven't eaten here yet but it  offers Australian meat pie, hotdogs, all-day breakfasts, poutine, country style chicken, as well as desserts.

Chibo Okonomiyaki (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 898-3333

As its name implies, the specialty of this Japanese restaurant is Okonomiyaki.  This is the first restaurant T and I have tried in S. Maison.  I'll blog about this soon.  In the meantime, I suggest you get seats where they cook the food for a better dining experience.

Uma Uma (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 800-7663

Uma Uma is a ramen shop from Japan, although the franchise is from Singapore. It prides itself for being MSG-free.  T and I haven't eaten here yet.

Rossini (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 800- 8061
Mobile No.: (0917) 546-4382

Rossini is an Italian restaurant which is a bit on the fine dining side.  T and I have eaten here already with his family.

Paradise Dynasty (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 828-8333

This is the most recent restaurant T and I have tried in S. Maison, known for its Special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao.  It gets pretty full so better go early if you're a big group.  More details about this place when I blog about it soon.

Golden Cowrie (2F)
Tel No.: 805-7649

This is a homegrown Filipino restaurant from Cebu which has been in existence for 33 years.  Amazing!  T and I have not yet tried this though.

Tuan Tuan
(opening soon)

The first Chinese brasserie in Manila.

Huma (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 772-4573

T and I have eaten in this pretty Mediterranean restaurant.  If you think the facade is already impressive, wait until you see the inside.  I suggest going here for lunch or in the afternoon to see the sunset.  I'll blog about this soon.

The Butcher's Block (2F)
(opening soon)

Let's see what this is.

XO 46 Heritage Bistro (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 805-3850

Another Filipino restaurant in S. Maison.  T and I have not dined here yet.

Mazendo (2F)
(opening soon)

BLK 513 (2F)

One of the first places I've tried in S. Maison, for the love of yogurt.  I'll blog about this interesting charcoal-activated yogurt place soon.

Carnivale (2F)

When T and I first saw this, we thought it was a dessert place.  Apparently, it isn't.  Carnivale, with its whimsical interior and all, specializes in burgers and fries-- basically fast food made fancy.   T and I have yet to try this place.

Recession Coffee (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 772-4657

This cafe inside Digital Walker is pretty interesting because you pay the price what you want for your coffee.  Seriously!

Also open already are Starbucks and Buffalo Wings on the ground floor.  T and I have been to both places too.  There are also cinemas on the second floor. But like I said, this is not an extensive list.  I'm sure there are more restaurants to open in S. Maison in the months to come.  Feel free to add them in the comments section as they do :) 

S. Maison Luxury Mall

Conrad Manila
Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way
Pasay City

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