Get An Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag at the Ayala Triangle.

It was only this year I discovered that Oishi is available in other Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, and China.  And the cool part is that the roster of products are exclusive only to those countries.  But for the holidays, these snacks will be available in one Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag at the Ayala Triangle this December 17 and 18 for the Festival of Lights.  The contents may vary per bag but these are the snacks you can find inside...

Vietnamese Oishi snacks include Tomati, a tasty sweet-sour snack made and flavored with tomatoes, and coconut flavored Pillows. 

Indonesians have the Suky Suky Sweet & Spicy Shrimp snack to go crazy over, a Southeast Asian-inspired snack where shrimp crackers are sweetly glazed, topped with sprinkled chili flakes. 

True to their culture, Makado Sticks Larb Flavor is a Thai-style potato snack that will appeal to other Asian snack lovers as well. Larb is a popular savory meat dish in Thailand, as well as other neighboring countries. Another original snack in Thailand is O-pa-la, chocolate covered potato chips. 

Pinoy favorites make a comeback such as Wafu, wafer-stick snack with creamy leche flan filling. Newer snacks are also in the mix such as Ziggs, a chocolate covered granola clusters snack. Some newer items include Panchos, nacho che-ese tortilla chips, Crunchy Karl's, a cheesy curly-shaped corn snack, and Mob-ster's Caramel and Cheese Popcorn, taking a page from the well-known Chicago treat. 

Carrying the authentic taste of American baby back ribs, Potato Chips Baby Back Ribs is a hit in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, a healthy yet tasty snack comes in the form of Whits Original, made with semolina oil, oats, whole wheat, and sunflower oil.


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