Halloween 2016: Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

I miss blogging.

This is my journal, my outlet, my diary.  I sound like a broken record, especially during the times when I don't get to blog for long periods of time, but it is. I want to share about past trips, new restaurants, and wedding planning tips but as soon as I figure out what I want to write about, I couldn't muster enough energy to get my Macbook and work on it.  I am just so physically and mentally drained all the time.

I never thought it was possible to be busier than I was before, but I am now.  My schedule was already hectic back then but we had breaks to recuperate. I could run in the morning and blog during weekends.  I actually like what I'm doing currently but I feel like a machine working 24/7. Maybe it's only an adjustment period but so far, this is how things are for me.

And just when I'm starting to get better from the flu, my back injury has returned.  It was probably caused by sitting for long periods of time and not being able to exercise for the past couple of months then triggered by my incessant coughing.  My back hurts every time I cough or sneeze, I cant bend to pick up something from the floor, and even as I'm typing up this post while seated, my back is hurting like crazy!  Yes, it's that bad.  

So to counter the crankiness, I thought of updating my blog today.  And what better topic to write about than my favorite holiday (after Christmas)... Halloween! 

Our costumes aren't as elaborate as what we came up with in 2014 (read my blog post about Halloween 2014: Annabelle the Doll and Billy the Puppet) because like I said, I'm always physically and mentally drained, so I wasn't able to think about what we were going to be this year.  But I've always told T about how I want to dress up as a character from the Addams Family during Halloween so he suggested that we go as Wednesday and Pugsley to our friend's party in Alabang.

T and I just used clothes we have in our closet.  It's pretty easy for the boys.  T wore a black and white striped shirt and black shorts from Uniqlo.  On the other hand, I wore a Gianni Versace dress that has the same collar and details as Wednesday's dress (which is probably why I bought it), black tights, and black flats.  If you don't have a similar dress, you can wear a white button down blouse underneath a black dress or if you're feeling crafty, you can cut out the collar and the sleeves from white cartolina and attach it to any black dress that you own.

I say we were pretty successful for a last minute costume idea right?  Oh and don't get spooked with the dark figure beside T.  It's actually our friend dressed as Batman walking past us.  But since it adds to the creepiness factor, I decided to use this photo instead ;)  Trick or treat!

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