Whammo's Choco Fudge is Back!

Whammo's is back!  After being gone for more than a decade, the Filipino Twinkies is in the market again.  If you're a 90's kid like me, I'm sure this has been your baon at one point or another in school.  At least one of my classmates in Zobel had this in his or her lunch bag every day.  This snack actually fits my new obsession-- the pocket Family Computer, which was also a hit in the 90's.   It was like a time warp when boxes of Whammo's arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago.

Denny's Uptown BGC.

I have a lot of memories of Denny's.  When I was younger, my family would have breakfast there often because there was a branch near my Dad's house in California.  Denny's is also a frequent pit stop during long drives since there was always one along the freeway.  I actually had my birthday breakfast there last year with my sister in San Diego.  And finally, Denny's is now in the Philippines!

Halloween 2016: Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

I miss blogging.

This is my journal, my outlet, my diary.  I sound like a broken record, especially during the times when I don't get to blog for long periods of time, but it is. I want to share about past trips, new restaurants, and wedding planning tips but as soon as I figure out what I want to write about, I couldn't muster enough energy to get my Macbook and work on it.  I am just so physically and mentally drained all the time.

I never thought it was possible to be busier than I was before, but I am now.  My schedule was already hectic back then but we had breaks to recuperate. I could run in the morning and blog during weekends.  I actually like what I'm doing currently but I feel like a machine working 24/7. Maybe it's only an adjustment period but so far, this is how things are for me.

And just when I'm starting to get better from the flu, my back injury has returned.  It was probably caused by sitting for long periods of time and not being able to exercise for the past couple of months then triggered by my incessant coughing.  My back hurts every time I cough or sneeze, I cant bend to pick up something from the floor, and even as I'm typing up this post while seated, my back is hurting like crazy!  Yes, it's that bad.  

So to counter the crankiness, I thought of updating my blog today.  And what better topic to write about than my favorite holiday (after Christmas)... Halloween!