S&R July Finds: The Cheesecake Factory and More!

Do you know that goodies from The Cheesecake Factory is now available in S&R?  And I'm not talking about those cakes in boxes.. It's the real deal!  

I saw three flavors in S&R Alabang: White Choco Raspberry (PhP1339.95), Dulce de Leche (PhP1799.95), and Blueberries and Cream (PhP1499.95).  My sister and I always eat and order dessert at The Cheesecake Factory when we were younger (well, even up to now) so this brings back happy childhood memories.   I hope S&R will carry more variants soon!

Another thing I love is bagel and cream cheese. It used to be so hard to find bagels in bakeries and supermarkets in Manila but thankfully there's S&R now.  Even better, the US Bagels are Buy 1 Take 1 for PhP179.95.  There's whole wheat, blueberry, plain, and cinnamon raisin in packs of six.

Check out the chiller for boxes of Poppies Petit Indulgence (PhP849.95) and Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs (PhP499.95) because they are also Buy 1 Take 1!  

I went over to the clothing section and saw something I liked.. This Ladies Pop Over Hoodie which is on sale for PhP649.95 (regular price is PhP949.95).  I can wear it over my clothes after a workout and it has thumb holes so I can also wear it while running.  The hoodie is made of stretch material and it matches my neon pink Kate Spade bag :D

Also in the area are Urban Star Boys Jeans on sale for PhP399.95 (regular price is PhP479.95)...

...Urban Star's Men Plaid Cargo Pants are Buy 1 Take 1 for P1,149.95...

... and Urban Star Jogger Shorts are on sale for PhP749.95 (regular price is PhP849.95).

If you're looking for office wear, check out these Kirkland Signature Men's Long Sleeves for only PhP849.95 (regular price is PhP999.95).

For casual Fridays, you can wear these Versace 1969 Men's Polo Shirts which are on sale for PhP449.95 (regular price is PhP499.95).

Happy weekend everyone!

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