La Cocina de Tita Moning.

Last year, I saw La Cocina de Tita Moning on Deal Grocer, a company I trust because I've never had a problem with them unlike with other group buying sites (read my blog post about the Metro Deal Scam).  I bought a deal for a four-course meal and thought of taking T there for his birthday, but then we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens instead and things got a bit busy afterwards.

I also planned a birthday trip for him to Dumaguete and Siquijor, which I still have to blog about, so I forgot all about the deal I bought.. Until last month when Deal Grocer reminded me that I have a voucher about to expire.  I booked us for lunch one weekend and it was timely because apparently, La Cocina de Tita Moning is already closing by the end of May. So if you plan to go here, I suggest you book now.   You still have a few days! I'll be posting their contact details at the end of this post.

La Cocina de Tita Moning is located inside the MalacaƱan compound.  Good thing T is familiar with the way because he would drive me when I have meetings in the area.  

T and I are asked to wait at the main living room of the house.  T said it reminds him of their ancestral house and the house they grew up in in Makati.

They give us Lemongrass Iced Tea and Queso de Bola Toast to snack on while waiting.

Unfortunately, one of the pieces of bread has hair on it.  Looks like an eyelash.

After a few minutes, T and I are called downstairs for a tour.   I didn't know that this is included so it is a welcome surprise.  Our tour guide gives us a brief family history and then proceeds to show us the rooms on the first floor-- the library, dark room, and clinic.

Yes, that's a real skeleton that you see but it's not what creeps me out.  The clinic reminds me of one of the Shake Rattle & Roll stories starring Eddie Gutierrez as the rapist slash doctor slash abortionist.    Not the kind of thing I want to see before eating but I guess it adds to the whole La Cocina de Tita Moning experience.

On the way to the second floor, I notice a number of beautiful photographs and paintings.  Our tour guide tells us that the photographs are taken by the patriarch Dr. Legarda and that the paintings are real Lunas and Hidalgos.  Wow!

On the second floor are the different bedrooms of family members which still contain their personal items and belongings.

After the tour, T and I are led to the dining area for lunch.  I love how they set up the tables with rose petals and candles!  So pretty.

Our host explains that on the walls are hand painted plates from Germany.  Back then, if they use these, the servants cannot touch them so the children stay up to wash the plates.  I guess that's how delicate and expensive it is. The set is now divided among the four families that lived in the house.

T and I both start off with a Platter of Salad and Crudites picked from the garden, served with anchovy dip.  I like that there's beet!

For our soup, T gets the Mushroom Soup with Crispy Shiitake while I choose the Citrus Scented Chicken Almondigas with Chickpeas.  We both like our soups.

T usually gets the seafood option while I get the meat but I am in the mood for fish so T gives way and orders the Beef Fillet with Malagos Cheese Butter and Beef Jus.  

I get the Baked Lapu Lapu Parcels with Roasted Vegetables from the garden.  The fish is baked inside paper and is opened in front of me.  They offer me and T unlimited servings of brown rice and ubod (vegetables).

For dessert, they serve us Tita Moning's Bread Pudding and Fresh Fruit Pavlova.  For my drink, I order Brewed Coffee while T gets the Native Hot Chocolate.  A good way to end a good meal.

We stay for a while to talk and to chat with the staff members in the house.  Most of them have been there for more than 20 years.  Wow!  Before leaving, T gives me a fist bump for a job well done ;)

La Cocina de Tita Moning
Dining Date: 10 April 2016

Contact Information

315 San Rafael Street
San Miguel District 

Tel No.: (02) 734-2146
              (02) 734-2141

Mobile No.: (0917) 531-5203

Operating Hours


Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch or Dinner only


  1. hi! how much the reservation table?
    or it depends on the menu?

    1. Hi Shanakleir! It depends on the menu but better call first because they announced that they'll be closing on May 31 :(


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