Uptown Mall BGC: What Restaurants Are Open + The Food Hall + The VIP Cinema.

Before Holy Week, I developed a really bad cough that keeps me up at night.  It then morphed into a bad sore throat which I think I got from T's nephew.  We both had the same symptoms-- high fever,  the chills, no cold but a really scratchy throat that wouldn't allow me to swallow even water or my own saliva.  The coughing fit lessened a bit during this time but it returned just when I was getting better from the sore throat.

I don't pay much attention to sickness.  I go on with my usual routine and just ride it out or if it turns for the worse, self-medicate.  But when one of my officemates, who developed the cough later than I did, was diagnosed positive for pneumonia, T insisted that I see a doctor.  There aren't any pulmonologists available in the hospital near us so we go all the way to St Luke's Medical Center in Fort to see one.

By the time I am done with my doctor's appointment, it is rush hour already.  We decide to get something to eat before going home and after driving a bit, we see the new mall in BGC.  T and I go around to check what restaurants are already open inside Uptown Mall.  We may have missed some but so far, these are the ones T and I saw which are operational as of last week.

Fely J's Kitchen (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 802-5354

Fely J's Kitchen is a restaurant named after Felicidad de Jesus-Cruz, mother of the late restaurateur Larry J. Cruz, which serves Filipino and Asian dishes.

Morganfield's (2F)
Tel No.: (02) 552-3714
Mobile No.: (0977) 803-6374

Morganfield's is known to be the home of the 'Sticky Bones' or good old fashioned pork ribs.  This is where T and I ate but I'll tell you about it in a separate blog post later on.

Melt Grilled Cheesery (3F)
Mobile No.: (0917) 892-4377

Melt calls itself a gourmet grilled cheesery which serves different kinds of dream cheese dishes.

Image credit: Melt Grilled Cheesery's FB Page

Italianni's (3F)
Tel No.: (02) 807-1384

Italianni's needs no introduction as this is already a family favorite and also a go-to restaurant of ours.

Peperoni Pizzeria (3F)
Mobile No.: (0939) 718-4674

Peperoni Pizzeria is a famous fast food chain in Singapore known for its wood fire brick oven pizzas.

Image credit: Peperoni Pizzeria's FB page

Baskin Robbins (3F)
Mobile No.: (0977) 843-5165

Again, another place that needs no introduction.  You can just read my previous blog post about Baskin Robbins' return to the Philippines HERE.

Munchtown (3F)
Tel No. (02) 785-6931

Munchtown is an American fast food restaurant that serves sliders, pizza, burritos, and more.

Buffalo Wild Wings (4F)
Tel No.: (02) 801-5993 | (02) 802-4718

I first ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in San Diego, California.  It's a sports bar that specializes in.. What else?  Wings!  

Texas Roadhouse (4F)

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant that serves American cuisine from ribs to steaks.  I'm not sure if this is open already though because I just saw it from a lower floor.

The Food Hall & Pepper Lunch (4F)

There is a Food Hall which is Uptown Mall's version of its food court.  Only Pepper Lunch is open so far.

There are also fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's on the Ground Floor and shops in Rustan's Supermarket such as Lartizan and Fiftea. Other restaurants to look forward to are Denny's (double yay!), Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Paper Moon Cafe, among others.

And now, let's move on to the cinemas.  There are five cinemas located on the third floor of Uptown Mall-- two are Dolby Atmos and one is a VIP cinema.

T and I check the traffic situation and it is still bad so we decide to watch a movie to pass more time.  Luckily, the movie I want to watch, The Jungle Book, is being shown in the VIP cinema.  What is a VIP cinema?  I'll get there in a bit but first, I want to commend the uniforms of the cinema staff.

Here's the full body view of their uniform.  So clean and elegant.  Kudos Uptown Mall!

Anyway, this is the VIP cinema.  Ticket price is PhP520 and it comes with a big reclining seat, unlimited popcorn, soda, and water, and a personal butler to refill your popcorn bag and soda or water bottles.

When we get to our seats, everything is already laid out.  I have a cold bottle of Royal, a bag of cheese popcorn, and water.  T has a cold bottle of Coke, a bag of barbecue popcorn, and water.  Talk about service!

If I need anything, all I have to do is to press a button and someone will arrive.  There's also a personal light in case I need to look for something in my bag during the movie.  Now it's time to recline my seat and put my feet up.  Ahhhh this is how movie watching should be.  The life!

Just sharing happy thoughts this Monday morning. Maybe you guys want to drop by Uptown Mall later to check it out.  Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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