Sigekiya Ramen in Commercenter Alabang.

There's a new ramen shop in the Philippines.. Sigekiya Ramen! T and I were invited by the owner to visit them before they opened last April 5.  I was sick last Sunday (well, even until today) and my throat was really sore so a hot bowl of ramen was just what I needed. After hearing mass, T and I went to Commercenter Alabang and had dinner there.

Sigekiya Ramen is a humble ramen shop in Yokohama, Japan that was established six years ago by Ramen Master Mamoru Sugizaki.   It was brought to the Philippines by a Filipino named Miguel Illescas who became friends with Sugizaki-san while working in Yokohama.  This is what Sigekiya Ramen in Yokohama looks like.  According to Miguel, it's frequented by Filipinos (reputation of good ramen spread by word of mouth), Koreans (who like it because of the spiciness), and of course, the Japanese.

T and I are lucky that Master Sugizaki-san is the one personally preparing our food for the evening.  He goes out and greets me and T with a bow and we bow back.

"I recommend Sigekiya Ramen for you," he said pointing to T.

He then looks at me and says, "And Tsukemen Gyokai for you."

Initially, I wanted to try the Tsukemen because it's my favorite but of course, I'll go with Master Sugizaki-san's recommendation.

Just by looking at the menu, there are already two things I like about Sigekiya Ramen. First, you can choose the serving size of your ramen or tsukumen-- small, regular, medium, or large.  Second, you can tweak the level of spiciness according to your preference.
Level 1 - You just like having black pepper in your soup
Level 2 - Spicy but just fine
Level 5 - You like spicy dishes
Level 10 - You really like it hot
You still can take it beyond Level 10 for a minimal fee.  There's even a Level 100 on the menu.. OMG.  That must be like breathing fire!

While waiting, our server gives us a bowl of complimentary appetizer.  I ask Miguel what it is and he asks me to guess. I take a bite and identify it as fried lumpia wrappers.  Close enough.. It's actually fried gyoza wrappers!  I like it and finish the bowl at once.

First out is my Tsukemen Gyokai (PhP370+ for the regular size) the broth of which has a fishy flavor and is topped with fish powder.  For the spiciness, I choose a Level 5.  If I weren't sick, I'd probably try a Level 8 or 9 but I don't want to upset my stomach just yet.  

I have never tried ramen or tsukemen that's fish flavored.  I actually had second thoughts about it because I'm more of a meat eater but after mixing my bowl and taking a slurp of the broth.. I am pleasantly surprised!  There isn't any trace of the fishy aka malansa taste that I'm expecting.  Also, I thought I am going to get fish in my bowl instead of pork but apparently, only the broth is fish flavored and the tsukemen still comes with bits of pork.    

Sigekiya Ramen prepares their noodles in the restaurant daily to ensure freshness and quality and all ingredients to make it and the other dishes are flown in from Japan.

T's Sigekiya Ramen (PhP360+ for the regular size), which is the signature shoyu ramen of the house with grilled chashu, arrives shortly after.  He tastes the broth and gives me a thumbs up.  T especially likes the chashu mixed in the ramen.  Chashu is grilled pork, by the way. I take a bite and I would have to say that I agree.  Extra Chashu is available for an additional PhP90 which we will probably order next time we visit.

I mentioned this place to Mich Vivo, one of the finalists of Singapore's culinary talent search Eat List Star, because she has been to Japan a few times and is always on the hunt for authentic ramen in Manila.  She visited Sigekiya Ramen yesterday and texted me her comments.

Mich said that the broth of the Sigekiya Ramen is intense, flavorful, and salty, as it should be; that the noodles are thicker than what she's used to but bouncy that even if it's been in the broth for a while, the noodles remain the same; and that the pork is the real star, charred and smoked.

I order Gyoza (PhP130+) because it's my favorite and Miguel also orders the Chashu Sushi for me and T to try.  The sushi is not yet in Sigekiya Ramen's menu but T and I like it a lot.  I hope they add it soon!

Thank you Master Sugizaki-san, Miguel, and the rest of the Sigekiya Ramen family for hosting me and T last week.  We hope to be back again!

T, me, Master Sugizaki-san, and Miguel.

Don't forget to ask if Sigekiya Ramen is already implementing their Loyalty Card program where you get a stamp for every ramen/tsukumen order or PhP500 worth of non-ramen/tsukemen order.  When you fill the card with stamps, you can redeem a free small or regular sized ramen or tsukemen.

Also, Sigekiya Ramen will be closed today April 8 and will resume operations on Sunday April 10 because they ran out of supply on their opening day due to the overwhelming number of diners who came.  Like I said, everything is made in the shop and on the day itself to ensure freshness and quality.  Yesterday, they only served 40 bowls of ramen and of tsukemen but I don't know if the same rule will apply on Sunday.  To be sure, just go early to avoid the long lines.  Happy eating!

Thumbs Up!
Authentic Japanese ramen and tsukemen.
Ramens and tsukemens are available in different serving sizes.
Spiciness level can be requested.
They have a loyalty card which can be converted into a bowl of ramen or tsukumen when filled up.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except maybe you have to wait a while because of the long lines.

Sigekiya Ramen is the newest player in the ramen market in Manila but is fast gaining popularity because of its authentic Japanese ramens and tsukemens.   T and I will definitely be back!

Sigekiya Ramen
Dining Date: 6 April 2016

Ground Floor
Commercenter Alabang
East Asia Drive cor Commerce Avenue
Filinvest Alabang
Muntinlupa City

Mobile No.: (0917) 533-0818

Facebook Page

IG: @sigekiyaramenph

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

11:00am to 2:00pm
6:00pm to 10:00pm


  1. In Yokohama, as i can remember, the record was spice level 220 something.. I dunno if someone can beat that here.. Nice post! Thanks!


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