Nivea Slidefest 2016 in Filinvest Alabang.

Last weekend, T and I went with his cousins to the Nivea Slidefest in Filinvest Alabang, which is said to be the biggest slip-and-slide in Asia. 

Each participant who avails of the 2 hour pass is given a Nivea beach ball, sunblock, and lip butter.   We're 21 in the group so one car was just filled with beach balls!  The VIP pass has a different kit with more items inside.

But even if you’re not there to slide, there are already a lot of things to do at the grounds.  The best part?  No entrance fee!  There are food booths, a foam machine, loud music to dance to, and some activities you can do with friends like the obstacle course, human foozeball, and bobble head soccer.

There are two slides: One is 1,000 feet long, which is the length of 10 basketball courts and the other is a foam slide which is shorter but more fun because of the foam! We did both slides but we enjoyed the foam slide more so we did that two times.  Also, I got a skinned knee from the long slide because there isn't much water anymore.  Ouch!

Thank you to the 'Bullies' for letting me tag along and to T's cousin-in-law Noel for the photos!

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