Apr 9, 2016

Glazed by Mariella.

Remember my post last time about a cake that's virtually fat free?  Mariella Martinez is back and this time, her business is officially known as Glazed by Mariella.  She sent me one of her newest creations called the Mocha Cake. Isn't it pretty?

The Mocha Cake is a coffee flavored soft chiffon cake, lathered and filled with delicious pure mocha swiss buttercream.  The look is completed with caramel glass garnish on top.

I was supposed to bring the cake to a baby shower but we left before it was delivered so our household was the one who enjoyed the Mocha Cake.  My mom is on a diet but made an exception for this cake and loved it.  T would ask me to bring him a slice or two as his baon in the car when he'd pick me up for work.  I like it because I'm a coffee lover.  It's not too sweet and is actually good with coffee!

For more information about Mariella's creations, as well as prices and delivery info, please call (0915) 127-4806 or (02) 245-3261.   

Thank you again Mariella! I hope next time when you deliver, I'll get to meet you :) And happy weekend everyone!


  1. SRSLY? FAT FREE? This is interesting. I would love to try this as I love coffee too! <3

    1. That's what Mariella said! It's in my previous post. The Marshmallow Cake!

    2. Hi Joei! Thank you for this! Yes, I hope we get to meet next time I drop by. Have a happy weekend :D - Mariella Martinez

    3. You're welcome Mariella! :)


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