Footzone Day Spa Greenhills.

I've been invited by Footzone Day Spa a year ago but since I'm not usually in Greenhills, I didn't get to schedule a visit.  One weekend, I was in the area for a seminar and by chance, the spa sent me an email asking again when I could go.  I guess it was fated for us to visit! So I asked T, who was picking me up, if we can pass by before having dinner.

Footzone Day Spa has been in business for the past 15 years.  It's in a small little nook and you won't really see it if you're just on the road passing by, but what's noticeable are the expensive cars parked outside.  And while I was going in the spa, on their way out are people with drivers and bodyguards surrounding them.   I took this as a sign that the establishment provides quality service.

I usually have those full body massages (read my blog post about The Spa Villas at The Fort) but not services particularly for the feet like Chinese foot reflexology.   On the other hand, T doesn't really get massages so this is a new experience for us both.

Florelyn, a member of the Footzone Day Spa team, greets us in the lobby as soon as we enter.  She then leads us to a private room with three big massage chairs. I thought that since we are only having the Chinese foot reflexology, we will be in a communal room with the other clients, just like in some spas I've been to.

But Florelyn explains that in Footzone Day Spa, everyone gets a private room regardless of their treatment.  T and I like this idea because we can't relax when we're surrounded by a lot of people while having a spa treatment.

Before starting, T and I are asked to change into a comfortable set of clothes consisting of a robe and a pair of shorts.  We are also served cups of hot tea.

Our spa therapists Brenda and Megs explain to us that foot reflexology is important because that area is apparently connected to our organs.  I don't have a lot of photos during the treatment because I'm asleep most of the time but basically this is how it goes..  Our feet are dipped in very warm water, dried, and then wrapped with thick towels.  After this, our spa therapists push the soles of our feet then massage our legs.  I get a bit ticklish at the start so Brenda had to adjust the pressure.

After the massage is Ventosa, which I've tried for my back but never for my feet.  This is the first time I've even heard that there's Ventosa for the feet!

What is Ventosa?  It involves applying cups, which are heated by flammable substances, to the skin. As soon as the cups cool down, the air constricts and pulls up the skin creating a vacuum.  It sounds scary but it helps mobilize blood flow circulation and drains excess body toxins.  After the Ventosa, the massage continues again.  I fall asleep until Brenda taps my leg with reflexology sticks.  Shortly after that, our spa therapists announce that the session has ended.

T and I enjoyed our first Chinese foot reflexology experience.  I need to have it done regularly, especially now that I just started to run. Thank you Florelyn and the rest of the Footzone Day Spa for this treat. We hope to be back soon!

Footzone Day Spa

Contact Information

GF Richbelt Tower
17 Annapolis Street
Greenhills, San Juan 

Tel No.: (02) 705-1301 | (02) 726-7742
Mobile No.: (0906) 261-6626 | (0921) 498-8889

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
1:00pm - 1:00am

Saturday to Sunday
11:00am - 12:00mn


  1. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  2. Hello Joei!

    All I can say is that it is super relaxing! Thanks to your photos, it felt like I tried it myself. Furthermore, private rooms let you relax and feel comfortable. I also believe that foot reflexology is important because it is connected to different body parts. It's also good to know its effects in reducing stress and improving blood circulation.


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