Balay Dako's Breakfast Buffet.

I'm not really a breakfast person but one of the best breakfast buffets I've tried is at Balay Dako in Tagaytay.  T and I, together with his family, went here on New Year's Day.

Balay Dako is part of the Antonio's group of restaurants.   The first time T and I visited was last December when we had dinner with some friends at the Terraza Bar and Grill located on the second floor of Balay Dako.

But during weekends and holidays, the second floor becomes the venue of Balay Dako's breakfast buffet (PhP650+ per person and PhP400+ per child).  There are no reservations and the buffet is open only from 7am to 11am.  The lines are usually long so the best thing to do is to go early in the morning.

There are a lot of sections in Balay Dako's breakfast buffet.  Let's start with the Champorado and Ginataang Halo Halo section.    The champorado is really good especially when topped with tuyo (dried fish).  T and I both want to eat more bowls but we resist because this is just the first part of the buffet.  Also nearby is the Arroz Caldo section.   

Between those two sections is the Main Breakfast Buffet Spread.  There's beef tapa, corned beef, adobo, vegetables, bangus (milkfish), bacon, tocino, and longganisa.  You really have to pace and portion your stomach space because if you get full already with just these, you won't get to taste the other dishes.  Ok, I can't believe I'm talking buffet strategy but I just want you to enjoy the whole Balay Dako breakfast spread :D

On one side of the Terraza is the Omelette and Fried Rice station where you can combine ingredients and have the chefs cook it in front of you.

Everyone has fun here, especially T's nephews and niece, because they get to pick what to mix in their food.   I also like this station because I prefer my omelette with lots of toppings and oozing with cheese and ready-made ones in restaurants don't usually end up that way.  T also makes a good taba talangka (crab fat) fried rice combination and finishes off a bowl or two.

The next one is the Chinese-Style Ham, Hot Chocolate, and Cheese section.  This is a favorite of ours and T and I return for seconds.  A hot cup of chocolate is just what we need because it is a cold morning!

There's also the Bread Basket, Assorted Jams, and Kesong Puti section which again is another favorite of mine.  I LOVE kesong puti.  I eat it with bread, rice, or anything at all!  My mom said she craved for kesong puti the whole time she was pregnant with me.  I guess that explains it.  I also really like bread and different kinds of jams.  

There's also the Fruit and Yogurt section as well as the Salad station.  But to be honest, we didn't really get much from here.

There's a Drink station which has different types of juice and infused water.   On the side, there's also tea and coffee.

Since it's New Year's, Balay Dako offers a glass of bubbly for an additional PhP220 per glass.

And finally, the Dessert station which features different kinds of kakanin or native delicacies like maja blanca, cassava cake, biko, kutsinta, suman sa cassava, puto, and rice cake.

And before you leave, don't forget to take pictures outside with the Taal volcano in the background.  Happy weekend!

Thumbs Up!
Good breakfast selections.
Value for money.
Great ambiance.

Thumbs Down!
They don't accept reservations for the breakfast buffet.

Balay Dako has one of the best value-for-money breakfast buffets in the country given the variety of their selection and the quality of their food.  T and I will definitely be back!

Balay Dako
Most Recent Dining Date: 1 January 2016

Contact Information

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
Tagaytay City

Tel No.: (046) 483-4847
Mobile No.: (0943) 264-1680

Official Website

Facebook Page

IG: @balaydakobyantonios

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday to Saturday
11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 9:00pm

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