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My family would joke that my daily workout is shopping. I could go around for hours and hours without stopping and my sister could testify to that because she is usually the one with me when we go shopping in the States. But because my current work schedule is a bit busy, I rarely go to the mall anymore and when I do, it’s to eat or watch a movie, and not really to shop. Fortunately, online shopping has boomed in the Philippines recently, making store brands available on the Internet for busy people like me.

However, I felt like I was missing on good deals because of the discounts I get which can only be applied for purchases in store. I even have a separate wallet for discount cards because I have that many. Lucky for me, now there’s Shopback!

How does Shopback work?

Shopback has discount codes, vouchers, and coupons which we can use to purchase items online. Whenever these merchants make a sale, Shopback gets a commission and they share part of that commission with us in the form of a cash back.

Shopback has partnered with top brands and online shops such as ASOS, Zalora, Sephora, Shopbop,  Under Armour, and Forever 21. You can also use Shopback when purchasing airline tickets or booking hotels and resorts.

So how do you use Shopback?

First, sign up for an account. After verifying your email address, you will be taken to the home screen where you will see the hundreds of participating merchants.

Let’s try for example Zalora which I searched for using the search box found at the top of the screen.

I just click on the red banner that says “Shop Now” and then this window appeared. After that, I was directed to the site of Zalora. That’s it! I just shopped using that same window and a percentage of whatever I purchased that day will be credited to my Shopback account within 48 hours.

And that’s not even the best part. Whatever cashback we get from Shopback is
in addition to the discounts being offered by the different shopping websites.  You can use the code ZBAPZ26B in Zalora to get 15% off storewide and still get cash back from Shopback!

During the time I purchased from Zalora, they had a sale and I got this whole outfit for less than PhP1,500. Everything from my earrings, to the dress, to my sandals! Can you believe it? Then from there, I will still get cashback from Shopback. It’s the ultimate budget shopper’s dream!

So now I can really say that I save while shopping. Open an account with Shopback today and try it out. You’ll get what I mean when you’re credited your first cash back.  Click HERE and you'll get PhP100 when you make your first purchase. Happy shopping!

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