S&R's Summer Deals This March.

I can't believe it's summer already.  I honestly don't know where January and February went!  And we all know what summer means-- family outings, the beach, and more.  So check out these deals that S&R has in store for us this month.  You might need something for your next trip.

These Harrods beach towels are adorable!  And you don't have to spend much because they're only PhP499 now (regular price: PhP649.95).  My favorite is the one with the black and neon yellow print but the watermelon towel is cute too.

How about buying your own paddle board?  I tried this two years ago in San Diego and it was loads of fun!  And because you need to keep your balance, it's kind of like a work out too.

Have kids? Choose from S&R's Inflatable Spalsh N Swim Selections.  The Spiderman Inflatable Arm Bands are a favorite and only PhP109.95.

Care to share your summer finds in S&R? Don't forget to use the hashtag #loveSnR!

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