Krispy Kreme's 2016 Easter Doughnuts.

It's always a nice surprise to receive a box from Krispy Kreme, especially one that contains limited editions that are too cute to eat.. Like these Krispy Kreme Easter Doughnuts!

Check out the Chick which is a round doughnut dipped in yellow vanilla icing with Iced Kreme filling.

There's also the Bunny Bum which is made of white and pink vanilla icing.  Isn't it the cutest?

My favorite is the Egg which is a hand decorated doughnut filled with chocolate Kreme.

Hurry, these limited edition Easter doughnuts are available only until March 27!  Tag @krispykremeph on Instagram and tell them how you are going to #ShareTheJoy.

Have a blessed week everyone!

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