Ichiba: Japanese Market in Resorts World Manila.

A few weeks back, T and I were invited to experience Ichiba: Japanese Market in Resorts World Manila, which is the first Japanese seafood market concept to enter the Philippines.

Ichiba is inspired by four markets in Japan: the Tsukiji market which is one of the world's largest fish markets; the Kuromon Ichiba Market which is known as Osaka's Kitchen with over 170 shops selling best quality seafood, meat, and vegetables; the Kyushu Market which is located in the Nagahama District and houses over 300 species caught from all over Kyushu; and the Hokkaido Market which is popular for its crab varieties, King, Queen, Hair, and Snow.

From the traditional Japanese welcome by the staff to the murals decorating the walls to the upbeat Japanese music, T and I feel like we are transported to Japan as soon as we enter the marketplace.    But for those looking for a more private and less lively side of the market, Ichiba: Japanese Market also features three function rooms at the back, perfect for meetings and private gatherings.

The market is divided into different food stations: Ramen, Yakitori, Donburi, Takoyaki, Tempura, Gyoza, and Yakiniku.  You can go to any of the stations and order, just tell them what your chair number is and the server will bring your food to you.

Ichiba also has a live aquarium capable of sustaining up to 600kg of live seafood where guests can take their pick from lobsters to sea bass to different varieties of shellfish. It's like dampa, but Japanese style.  For kids and kids at heart, you can try to catch your meal at the fishing pond.

There are special types of seafood in this area like this Elephant Shell Gambo which I have never seen before.  It's pretty pricey at P3,900 per piece!

T and I are seated by the Takoyaki station so we get to watch as the takoyakis are being made.  While T is taking pictures of the other stations, our takoyaki arrives.  But by the time T comes back, I already finish the whole thing so I order another one for him :D

For our appetizer, we order the Ichiba Roll (PhP285+) which is tempura, tamago, mango, and salmon skin topped with crunchy crabstick salad, Salmon Sashimi (PhP295+) which is five pieces of fresh salmon slices, and Basic Gyoza (PhP135) which is six pieces Japanese pot stickers.

For our main, T and I decide to get from the Yakitori station.  We order two sticks of Torimomo (PhP60 +per stick) which is grilled chicken thigh fillet, two sticks of Gyukushi (PhP130+ per stick) which is grilled beef tenderloin, and one stick of Grilled Prawns (PhP120+ per stick).  The cooking style for the yakitori can be Shio (salt) or Tare (with sauce).  We asked that half be cooked Shio and half Tare but when our orders arrive, they are all Tare.  But it's fine, we still like the taste.

T and I finish our orders but feel like getting more.  We order two more sticks of Gyukushi and a stick of Pork Belly (PhP85+ per stick).

T and I want to try their Soft Ice Cream for dessert but our server said that they're all out.  Maybe next time.  On your way out, be sure to drop by the mini grocery.  Here you can find favorite Japanese treats and goodies, delivered to Ichiba: Japanese Market straight from Japan.

Also, don't forget to take a photo using Ichiba's photobooth-worthy props by the exit!  Tag @ichibaph on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #ichibajapanesemarket.

 Here is Ichiba: Japanese Market's menu for your reference.

The nights in Ichiba: Japanese Market come alive as well with the first ever Asahi Bar in the Philipines.   Kampai!

Ichiba: Japanese Market
Most Recent Dining Date: 11 March 2016

Contact Information

2nd Floor (beside Wolfgang)
Newport Mall 
Resorts World Manila

Tel No.: (02) 865-6859

Mobile No.: (0917) 732-2176

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Twitter/Instagram: @ichibaph

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
11:00am - 12:00mn

Saturday and Sunday
10:00am - 12:00mn


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