Ebeneezer's Manila Now Open in BGC.

Earlier this month, T and I were invited to try Ebeneezer's in BGC Fort.  No, it's not a franchise from Hong Kong (read my blog post about Ebeneezer's Hong Kong).  That was my first question too but our host is quick to clarify that the chef of Ebeneezer's Philippines is also one of the chefs that conceptualized the menu of Ebeneezer's Hong Kong.  

The resto is divided into two sections.  The first floor is where the shawarma and salad bar are.

And the second floor is a bar called 'The Naughty Room'. We ask if we can order food from downstairs and eat it here and they said yes so this is where we stay for the evening.  

For our appetizer, we order the Falafal Bola (PhP198+) which is Ebeneezer's homemade falafel with sweet Lebanese chili sauce.

We also get Crispy Chicken Skins (PhP160+) which is organic chicken lightly dusted with Ebeneezer's seasoned flour and served with homemade malt vinegar.  T and I just can't get enough of this!    And it's just apt that we're eating this sinful treat at the Naughty Room.. Something that's wrong but feels oh so right :D

We are also served the 45-Day Dry-Aged Burger (PhP ) which is dry-aged grass-fed angus beef patty with mixed greens, sautéed mushrooms, truffle essence, gruyere cheese, and spicy tomato Harissa jam served with Chip Shop Chips.  

And now it's time to try the shawarmas!  Upon ordering, the server will ask you for the spice level.  I suggest not getting the spiciest so you can still use Ebeneezer's sauces which are really good.  There are four kinds of sauces-- garlic sauce, spicy sauce, three chili sauce, and the Tarator special sauce.  I order the Ebeneezer's Organic Chicken Shawarma which is marinated in yogurt, turmeric, and ginger.  

On the other hand, T gets the Ebeneezer's Halal Lamb Shawarma with Ebeneezer's Moroccan spice blend.  

We also order the Ebeneezer's Groove which comes with rice pilaf and mixed greens.  T and I like this, especially when we mix in the different Ebeneezer sauces.

And before you leave, don't forget...

Thumbs Up!
Reasonable prices.
Excellent sauces for shawarma.
Open til late.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

The menu and the shawarmas are different from that of Ebeneezer's Hong Kong's so don't expect the same taste and feel.  But Ebeneezer's Manila is still worth a try especially for a midnight snack run or an after-party night cap.

Ebeneezer's Manila
Dining Date: 7 March 2016

Contact Information

G/F Net Quad Building
30th Street corner 4th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

Mobile No.: (0915) 152-4011

Facebook Page

IG: @ebeneezersmnl

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
10:00am - 12:00am


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