Valentine's Date at Sip And Gogh Alabang.

My friends and I have always been planning to go to Sip & Gogh but because it's too far from us, we end up doing something else instead. Finally, a branch opened in Molito Alabang a few weeks ago so T took me there for Valentine's.

We attend the Date Create session (PhP2,200 for two) where couples sit side-by-side to make one painting using two separate canvases.  

Before starting, the class instructor goes through the House Rules and then proceeds to show us what we are painting for the afternoon... The Eiffel Tower.

I'm lucky T has artistic skills so he starts to make a rough outline of the horizon to guide us both.

If you're wondering how the class goes.. There's an instructor in front telling us what to do and showing us how to do it.  There are also assistants around in case you have questions but basically, you're on your own.  I kind of like this set up because you get to do your thing and express your own style.

The session comes with a snack platter as well as your choice of beverage-- coffee, juice, or soda.  Wine is also available but for an additional PhP200 ($4.20).    

T and I spend the next hour and a half painting the Eiffel Tower and its horizon then I run into a bit of trouble with the lamp post which is found on my side.  I should've traced it using a pencil first instead of painting on the canvas directly.  I ask one of the assistants if they have any way to erase what I did but she said there's no way and I just have to find a way to fix it.  I panic because I'd hate to be the one to ruin our painting!  Seriously, the lamp post looks like a cartoon man with a big white head and a handlebar mustache.   But T encourages me to just fix it whichever way I can and tells me that it's ok even if I don't because it's still our painting no matter what it looks like.  Finally, I get to remedy the lamp post situation and here we are placing final touches on our masterpiece ;)

We all go home with our paintings as well as cute giveaways, which are wooden paint palettes with a souvenir photo of us on it.

And this is our finished product... Tada!  I'm so proud of my lamp post :D  And I think T did a really good job with the Eiffel Tower too!

Since we already had lunch at Tony Roma's before this session, we catch Deadpool at the movies instead.  A simple but fun Valentine's date.. I really love it!  Can't wait to do this again!

Sip & Gogh
Visit Date: 14 February 2016

Contact Information

Alabang Branch

2nd Floor, Molito 3
Molito Commercial Complex
Alabang Zapote Road
Muntinlupa City

Tel No.: (02) 802-1543
Mobile No.: (0915) 267-5672

Official Website

Facebook Page

Twitter/Instagram: @sipngogh

Operating Hours


Tuesday to Friday
1:00pm - 9:00pm


10:00am - 6:00pm

*Some of the images are from Sip N Gogh's Facebook page

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