My S&R February Finds.

After my doctor's appointment (which is another story for another day), I asked T if we could stop by S&R because I wanted their Chicken Caesar Salad and Strawberry Smoothie for my merienda.   But when we got there, the line is still long so we enter the grocery area first to check out the promos for the month.

Presenting.. My S&R February Finds!    

It seems like the love month isn't over as there are a lot of Valentine-related items on sale in S&R like this 2-Pack Hot and Cold Tumblers.  Pay only PhP349.95 and you get both tumblers!

Beside these tumblers are Martini Glasses which are being sold in sets of four for only PhP249.95.

Of course, what kind of Valentine's would it be without chocolates?  The Kirkland Chocolates of the World Jar is on sale for PhP799.95 while the Almond Roca Tapered Tin is also on sale for PhP699.95.

I love Twinkies so these new products catch my attention while I am on my way to the chocolates section.  Hostess' Chocolate Covered Twinkies and Coffee Cakes are both priced at PhP299.95.

Ferrero Rocher, one of my favorite chocolates in this world and what T wooed me with during the good ol' days, comes in a heart-shaped case (PhP274.95) and a rectangular case (PhP549.95).  Another good deal is the Buy One, Get One Assorted Hershey's Cupids Mix for PhP499.95.   I definitely need a cart for our chocolate loot!

How about you?  What are your S&R finds this month?  Share them by tagging @snr_official  on Instagram and using the hashtag #loveSnR.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I haven't gone to S&R in so long! I miss it na!!! I hope I make it before the Kirkland Chocolates of the World run out. I super love those. But would you believe, I don't like Twinkies? :p My in-laws kept sending us boxes of those from the States, and I just kept giving them to my brother lol.

    So nice that you're blogging again, Joei!!! :)

    1. Hi Patty! Yes, I hope I get to blog regularly again. I actually miss it! So many backlogs though :/ Hope you get your Kirkland fix soon! :p

  2. Would love to stop by SnR for the Hostess Vanilla Twinkies. Would love to have a grocery cart filled with all those goodies you just showed here.



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