McDonald’s New Love Desserts and the Winner of My #PaCheeseBurgerKaNaman Giveaway.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, McDonald's has found a way to share the love with its first ever Love Desserts!  There are three new desserts so you can treat yourself, your significant other, children, parents, relatives, or friends this month.

The first in the line up is the Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae, which is creamy vanilla soft serve mixed with luscious strawberry syrup and topped with crushed Oreos. 

Next is the Red Velvet McFloat, which is Sprite with a blend of red velvet syrup and topped with a swirl of vanilla soft serve.  It will surely make you fall in love with its sweetness and savor its refreshing taste.   Love at first sip!

And the last of McDonald’s new sweethearts is the Choc Nut McDip which is vanilla soft serve dipped in Choc Nut-flavored sauce and served on a pink wafer cone.

But the love month surprises from McDonald’s do not stop there! Beginning February 12, all succeeding Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of February will give dessert fans a chance to avail of the Love Desserts Buy One Take One promo. For every purchase of the Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae and Red Velvet McFloat, customers can get another dessert of the same kind for free! The promo is available from 3:00PM to 6:00PM in all Dessert Centers in Metro Manila only.

Also available are the Fries N’ Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae Combo, Fries N’ Red Velvet McFloat Combo, and BFF Fries N’ Red Velvet McFloat Combo.

McDonald’s New Sweethearts are available for a limited time only at all McDonald’s stores nationwide. Feeling the love with McDonald’s New Sweethearts? Share your sweet experience on McDonald’s Facebook page,, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #McDoLoveDesserts.

As for my McDonald's #pacheeseburgerkanaman giveaway, it took me a while because I had to validate entries.  Sayang for the others who I picked and yet didn't follow the guidelines (i.e. people tagged were not following me, no reason why they want the coupons, etc).  But finally, I chose two winners already.  And they are...

Joy Priginal (@joyrneytolife)
 Brenda V. Leus (@thegrumpymommy)

Please send me  a message through Joei & Me's Facebook Page ( or Instagram account (@joeiandme) for instructions on how to claim your prize.  Congratulations to you both! :)


  1. Wow! Thank you Joei! Will send you a message on IG. :)

  2. Aw, Metro Manila lang. Sad. :P

    1. Ya sayang! But I'm sure they'll come up with nationwide deals next time :)


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