Rebel Heart World Tour: Madonna Live in Manila!

As all of you know because your Facebook walls were probably filled with pictures and videos of her, Madonna took the Philippines by storm last week during her Rebel Heart World Tour.  T and I were lucky enough to see the queen perform live on February 24 at the Mall of Asia Arena (Lower Box VIP 205 Row A Seats 9 and 10, baby!).

Despite being the priciest in the world, tickets for the first night were sold out a few days after they were released.  I know people lined up really early just to get their hands on these golden tickets.  I guess that's why not long after, they decided to have another performance on February 25.  And tickets were sold out quickly for those as well!

T and I arrive at the Mall of Asia Arena on time since I am already in the area.  We see everyone all dressed up-- The bekis are in their full blown Madonna costumes and the Titas of Manila are in glittery outfits and high heels.  I am so loving the vibe! I wish I could've prepared too but I'm still not 100% okay after hitting my head at the trampoline park (read my blog post about Trampoline Park PH).  So all I could muster is an all black ensemble, heels embellished with gold chains, and a bright neon studded bag.

Our Trampoline Park Philippines Experience.

For our pre-Valentine's date, I accepted the invitation of Trampoline Park PH at The Portal in Greenfield District Mandaluyong. T and I thought it would be a nice change from our usual Valentine's dinner date at a new restaurant.  And because this experience is a first for us, I made a video and posted it on my YouTube channel.  

Product Review: Biore's Uru Uru 2-in-1 Cleanser and Make Up Remover.

My skin regimen is pretty low key, actually leaning towards non-existent.  I have bad skin habits that I know I have to change soon-- not drinking water at all, staying up late, and going under the sun without sunblock.  But if there's one thing I am proud of, it's that I always remove whatever make up I have on and wash my face before going to sleep, no matter how tired I am.

So when Biore sent me their Uru Uru 2-in-1 Cleanser which is a fluffy facial foaming wash and make up remover in one, I was eager to try it!

Valentine's Date at Sip And Gogh Alabang.

My friends and I have always been planning to go to Sip & Gogh but because it's too far from us, we end up doing something else instead. Finally, a branch opened in Molito Alabang a few weeks ago so T took me there for Valentine's.

My S&R February Finds.

After my doctor's appointment (which is another story for another day), I asked T if we could stop by S&R because I wanted their Chicken Caesar Salad and Strawberry Smoothie for my merienda.   But when we got there, the line is still long so we enter the grocery area first to check out the promos for the month.

Presenting.. My S&R February Finds!    

Boon Tong Kee's Dimsum All You Can.

To celebrate their 3rd anniversary, Boon Tong Kee is bringing back the Dim Sum All You Can Promo! Get your fill of siomai, fried dumplings, pork buns, chicken feet, and crispy bean curd for only PhP299 nett per person!

Saddle Row BGC's Cycling and Rowing Classes.

Looking for a different kind of date this Valentines?  Bring your significant other to Bonifacio High Street for a cycling or rowing session with Saddle Row.  And even if you don't have a date, you can ask your other friends and go as a group! Want to know the best part? You can attend these classes for free on February 14.  Yes, FREE!  

Bugsy's Alabang Valentines Special.

Still don't have plans for this weekend?  If you're from the South, you don't have to go through the Valentine rush! Bugsy's Alabang is having a special on The Godfather (this steak is a must try!) from February 12 to 14.   For only PhP1,500, you and your date can enjoy a 400g ribeye USDA steak served with veggies, mashed potatoes, gravy, as well as two glasses of wine.

McDonald’s New Love Desserts and the Winner of My #PaCheeseBurgerKaNaman Giveaway.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, McDonald's has found a way to share the love with its first ever Love Desserts!  There are three new desserts so you can treat yourself, your significant other, children, parents, relatives, or friends this month.

The first in the line up is the Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae, which is creamy vanilla soft serve mixed with luscious strawberry syrup and topped with crushed Oreos. 

Manila's First Flying Adventure Trampoline Park is Now Open!

When my friend Tina threw her daughter Yuna a birthday party at a trampoline park in Los Angeles a few years back, I was sad that I missed it because it looked like a lot of fun.  But now, I'll get to experience it too because the first flying adventure Trampoline Park in the Philippines is now open!

What are Trampoline Parks?  They are giant warehouses filled with trampoline "matts" that stretch from wall-to-wall and are connected to form one huge surface which is enclosed with padded side walls and angled trampolines.   This will allow you to jump, bounce, and fly in every direction.  How fun is that?

Looking Back at 2015.

Happy New Year everyone!  Well, Happy Chinese New Year! That still counts right?

I don't know where January went.  I was talking to someone and told her "Ya ok let's, in Feb" and she said, "Joei, it's already Feb!".  I was shocked because I really thought it was still January!  In a nutshell, things became hectic and crazy so I had to take a hiatus from blogging due to personal and professional reasons.  But now I'm back and hopefully not just for today.

It has been an annual tradition of mine to start the year with a tribute to the year that passed.  I don't get to blog about everything that happened, especially my travels, so this is my chance to mention all of those things in my share of cyberspace property.  Here we go!

New Year's Eve in Valkyrie

T and I counted down with our friends in Valkyrie at The Palace.  We ran into my friends Kat and Paul who got married a few days ago, as well as fellow entourage members, so it was like we had a mini reunion of their wedding too!