S&R December Deals.

If you're like me who is still giving out gifts even if Christmas is over, you can check out these S&R December Deals which are good only until the end of the month!  

Remember those gift baskets I wrote about last month (read my blog post about S&R November Finds: Christmas Gifts and Decors)? Here are more choices.. The Houdini Gourmet Favorite (PhP2,599.95), the Houdini Bon Appetit (PhP3,499.95) which comes in 2 colors, and the Houdini The Executive (PhP7,999.95).  Like I said, you can give them to family friends (so you don't have to give each family member a gift) or your bosses.

Still on the hunt for gifts for your inaanaks? Check these out!  I don't know of any girl who wouldn't like the Anna Singing Doll (PhP1,149.95) or the Singing Elsa (PhP1,449.95) or better yet, an Anna and Elsa doll set (PhP1,299.95).  On the other hand, most boys appreciate toys like cars or trucks.  The Porsche Ride On Speedster Yellow (PhP5,799.95), BMW Ride-On Motorized Blue (PhP6,499.95), and the Mini Cooper Ride On Motorized Blue (PhP6,449.95) are pretty cool! If I had a kid, I would probably get him the Mini Cooper.

And I know some of you postponed get togethers until after Christmas to avoid the rush.  So if you're planning your barkada post-Christmas party, you might want to get this deal where you pay only PhP999 for a Whole Pizza, 6pcs Southern Style Fried Chicken, and 4 650ml sodas!  You can also get a Half Pound Cheeseburger with French Fries and 650ml Soda for PhP179.

How about you?  What S&R deals have you seen or availed of this December? :)

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