Anniversary (part 3): Ultralight Flying at Angeles City Flying Club.

...continued from Anniversary (part 2): Globe Telecom's iPhone 6s Launch.

Here's my blog post on that plane ride everyone was asking me about after I posted photos on Facebook and Instagram.  Even if T and I didn't have much sleep because the Globe event finished late, we pushed through with our ultralight flying lessons with Angeles City Flying Club (ACFC).

How To Get There

Travel along NLEX northbound to Baguio and up until the final toll gates of Angeles/Dau.  DO NOT take the righthand fork to SCTEX.  At the end of the highway, follow the road to Sta Ines and turn left on the express way bridge.  Make sure you are heading towards east and should see Mt Arayat in front of you.

Go straight for about 8.5km until reaching the main intersection.  Cross the intersection into Dolores, Magalang then follow the road for about 1.5km.  Turn right at the T junction then turn left after 800 meters.  Go straight until you see the sign of ACFC.  If you get lost, just call them.

Angeles City Flying Club

ACFC is a non-profit flying club and school in Pampanga certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.  This is where some future pilots start out before they go on to their formal training but ACFC allows guests to do a trial introduction flight for a minimum of 10 minutes.  The rate starts at PhP1,848 ($40) and aside from flying time, this also includes access to the rooftop cafe and the pool.

Ultralight Flying

If you're scared of flying, you'll be glad to know that there have been no fatal accidents since ACFC opened in 1993.   Their planes are maintained by certified aircraft mechanics, the instructors have flown hundreds of hours, and they only fly over open land so if things go wrong, emergency landings are possible.  

The Flight

T and I register, sign waivers, and wait at the rooftop cafe until it is our turn to fly.    

Advanced flight instructor Max Guevara introduces himself and asks us who will go first.  For anything scary or adventurous, I usually volunteer. But this time, I make T go first because I know that as it gets later in the day, the wind gets stronger.

Here are some photos T took using our Go Pro while he was up in the sky.  He posted them on Instagram (@teemeetee) and captions the first one, "That moment when you know you're f***ed! Happy Fly-day!" :D

I run to T as soon as he lands and ask him how it was so I could capture his initial reaction. He just answers me with this Mona Lisa-ish smile :D   

Now it's my turn.  By this time, the wind is stronger and the plane wobbles even just as we are lifting off the ground.  But I don't pay attention to any of this because I am too excited!

Here are some photos I took while up in the sky.  My favorite is this selfie with Mt Arayat which I didn't know I took.

I haven't blogged about it yet but if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I already went skydiving along the Pacific coast this year.  But I have to say that ultralight flying is a different experience altogether.   While ultralight flying is only around 700 feet from the ground compared to skydiving of 8000 feet, in ultralight flying, I am not wearing a parachute and the plane has no floor!

During the flight, our flight instructor keeps looking at my direction so I wonder if something's wrong.  As soon as we land, he asks me if I'm ok.  I said, yes and why wouldn't I be?  Then he explains that while we were up there, the wind was already kind of strong so he was worried that I wasn't feeling well.  I explain to him that I love activities like this so I wasn't bothered at all.  He laughs at my answer and tells me and T that he hopes to see us again soon, maybe earlier in the day so we can explore farther and see more views.  We answer in the affirmative.

After my ride, T and I go around the hangars to check out the other planes.

Just some random tips I thought of if you're planning to fly...

Unfortunately, since it's an ultralight plane, you can't ride if you're over 200 pounds for safety reasons.  Go during the morning since the wind is stronger in the afternoon.  Wear comfortable clothes because you don't want wardrobe malfunctions while you're up there in the sky.   As you can see, I am wearing an Under Armour jacket over a loose tee, a pair of leggings, and my favorite Nike Air Max 1 Ultra City Paris.  If you wear glasses, wear contacts instead because I recommend wearing the goggles ACFC provides.  But if you want to wear sunglasses, make sure it's polarized.  Do not eat before flying.  We made the mistake of munching in the car and finishing three bags of chips so T felt nauseous after his ride.  Tie your hair if you just don't want your picture to be the mahangin-ba-sa-labas sort.  And if you're going to bring a camera, make sure it's secured to your hand or the plane itself as you don't want the camera falling to the ground hundreds of feet below. 

Before leaving, they give me and T certificates as proof that we completed our ultralight flying lessons for the day.  Yay.. Congratulations T!  I am very proud of this boy because when it comes to adventures, I am always the impulsive one and he's the more cautious one who gets stressed with the things that I plan. But this time, he actually enjoyed my 'crazy' idea ;)

I can't wait to go back and fly again! Thank you T for saying yes to this funniversary activity ;)

The end.

Anniversary 2015

Angeles City Flying Club
Visit Date: 5 November 2015

Contact Information

Woodland Airpark Talimundok
Sta Maria Magalang

Mobile No.: (0916) 456-8588 
                    (0918) 9203039 

Official Website

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Friday to Sunday
8:00am - 5:30pm


  1. Hi Joie, this looks fun! May I ask how much you spent and how many minutes did you stay in the plane? :)

    1. Hi Kat! It's around 1,848 for 10 minutes then the rates just increase every 10 minutes. But if you just want to try, 10 minutes is long enough :)

    2. Thanks sis! I already messaged the club for the complete rates. We'll note of it na lang pag nakahanap na ng free schedule. Bf was excited when I showed him this post. Thanks for the information!

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