TWG Tea, Now Open in Alabang Town Center.

A lot of things have been happening lately that I barely have time to sit down and blog.   But I don't want days or weeks to pass without any updates so while I'm waiting for iTunes to restore data on my new iPhone 6s (yipee!), I thought of writing a short post about a favorite establishment of mine which recently opened in Alabang Town Center... TWG Tea!

I discovered the stall accidentally while I was walking around the mall one afternoon.  I thought it was a mirage because I haven't heard of any announcement of a branch opening in Town Center.  When I saw that it was really a legit TWG, I hurriedly approached it and bought macarons.   

T's niece Natalia is also a macaron monster like me.  So when I had lunch with T's family at 8 Cuts, which also just recently opened in the area, Natalia was so excited when I told her that there are TWG macarons nearby!

The TWG Stall in Town Center has all the macaron flavors.  It's so hard to choose!  Fortunately, they have samples for us to try.

During my first visit, I only got two flavors: Pistachio and Chocolate.  But during my second visit with Natalia and T's family, all remnants of self-control flew out of the window and we ended up getting  a box.. or two :D

I also love TWG's loose leaf teas but they only sell the pre-packed ones in Alabang Town Center.  Although according to their staff, they can order loose leaf teas from other branches upon request and we can just pick it from their stall when it's available.  Yay!  

Most Recent Visit: 1 Nov 2015

Contact Information

Ground Floor
Alabang Town Center
(near the entrance where Chili's is, 
opposite Beauty Bar and Marks & Spencer)
Muntinlupa City

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
11:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday to Sunday
11:00am - 10:00pm


  1. Ang daming bago sa ATC! Yey for South peeps!

    1. Yes! And many more to come! There's going to be a Taco Bell and a Rita too!

  2. I love TWG Macarons too! So happy they also have a stall na here in Ayala Cebu.

    1. Hope you got to catch their anniversary special! Macarons were only 30 pesos each!

  3. Ubos na ang TWG macarons ko! Gusto ko pa! Up to when ba ang anniversary sale?


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