Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop.

Remember that cute little cafe I wrote about a while back called Mrs. Graham's Macarons (read my blog post about the cafe)?  Well, T and I were invited to the new establishment next door owned by Mrs. Graham's husband, Chris.  The restaurant is aptly called Mr Graham's Sandwich Shop.  

If Mrs. Graham's has drawings on her wall, Mr Graham's has interesting and funny quotes on his.

There are two floors inside the sandwich shop.  T and I choose a table by the entrance but before we settle in, Chris shows us the dining area on the second floor.

Here is Mr. Graham's menu.

Oh and Bottomless Water is free! Sulit ;)

T orders The Club (PhP350/$7.50+) which is a mixture of guacamole (this is a surprising ingredient!), grilled chicken, and a trifecta of bacon, lettuce, and tomato all layered in honey bread.   Every sandwich comes with crisps and coleslaw, except for the Four Cheese, Bacon Please (PhP250/$5.40+) which comes with soup.

Everything you see here is homemade.  Only the bread called Pan de Miel, which is a bit sweet because honey is one of the ingredients used to make it, is outsourced.

I choose The Cubano Cebuano (PhP290/$6.20+ for a sandwich and PhP490/$10.50 for a manwich) which is authentic Pan Cubano with lechon drizzled in its own drippings amongst ham, cheddar cheese, pickled green and yellow mangoes, and Mr Graham's signature aioli.  There are also a few pieces of lechon skin and more lechon dripping on the side.   And no, that's not a typo.  It's really called The Cebuano and not The Cubano.  When I asked Chris why, he said it's because they're from Cebu.  Makes sense!

Again, everything you see here is homemade except the bread which is called Pan de Cubana.    The Cebuano is Mr. Graham's signature dish.

T and I are loving the mix of colors! 

Mr Graham's also serves different kinds of beer.  

T tries the Blonde Bock which is brewed in San Jose, California.

I don't drink beer so I order Apple Pie Soda (PhP90/$2+) instead.  It's clean, carbonated apple-cinnamon brewed by Mr. Graham himself.  It's perfect since The Cebuano is best paired with this soda.

I almost am not able to try the Apple Pie Soda but luckily, there is one bottle left in the fridge.  I'm sure you're curious about its taste.  Well, it's like drinking apple pie!  Now I get why it's best paired with The Cebuano.  The saltiness of the sandwich offsets the sweetness of the soda.

And since November 3 (that's today!) is Sandwich Day, Mr Graham's Sandwich Shop is having a Buy 1 Take 1 on their sandwiches.  What's more?  There's free flowing beer from 12noon to 12midnight, as well as performances by Dan Billano, Talia Reyes, Ramiru Mataro, and Bullet Damas from 5pm to 7pm.

If you have an appetite, you can also join the Manwich Eating Contest today! For more details, contact Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop directly.  All the information you need are at the end of this post.  Good luck and happy eating!

Thumbs Up!
Good sandwiches.
Big servings.
Serves craft beer and apple pie soda.
Casual and comfy atmosphere.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

If you love sandwiches, give Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop a visit.  A very casual, no frills place that serves unique sandwich combinations you probably have not tried before.  And if you're craving for something sweet, you don't have to go far because Mrs. Graham's Macaron Shop is just next door!

Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop
Dining Date: 18 September 2015

Contact Information

51-C Scout Rallos
Laging Handa
Quezon City

Mobile No.: (0906) 531-6406

Instagram: @mrgrahamsshop

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
12:00nn - 11:00pm

Friday to Sunday
12:00nn - 12:00mn

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