Kaskade at The Palace Pool Club.

Don't you have a chuckle every morning when Facebook shows your "memory of the day" which can range from a monumental event to something really random and you can't even remember what the status or photo was about? More often than not though, the Facebook notification brings a smile to my face because I am reminded of the importance of keeping those memories intact.  I used to record everything in journals but as I grew older, I wrote less and less even if I tell myself to write more.  I know there's Facebook and Instagram but I'm sure one day, they will also become obsolete like what happened to Multiply.  Gosh, it hurts to remember all those uploaded memories gone to cyber wasteland!  And so, there seems to be only one memory vault I can rely on... My blog.  I know blogs may suffer the same fate as the other social media sites but so far, it's the only thing on the Internet that has remained constantly with me throughout the years.   

I know Joei & Me is mainly about food and travel since those are the things T and I find joy in most of the time. But because of the realization that I need to preserve all kinds of fun and happy moments, you might see blog posts that are mostly photos, with only a few words in between..    Just like this post about Kaskade who performed last Friday at The Palace Pool Club.

Like some of you (hey, I know I'm not alone :D), I now find it taxing to have to dress up and brave the weekend traffic to go out.  But when T asked me if I wanted to watch Kaskade, I thought, why not? The last time I watched Kaskade perform was in Boracay around 10 years ago. That's a long time!

T and I met with our friends Neil Arce, Nino Barbers, Chippy Andolong, and Nik Juban at Revel Room, which is a Japanese lounge beside The Pool Club.

But after a few minutes, we braved it and elbowed our way to the middle of The Pool Club.

We also checked out Valkyrie and stayed for a bit (read my blog post about me and T spending New Year's Eve here).

One nice thing about going out is running into people you know even without any plans of seeing each other.  This is my friend Misty Zara who I accidentally bumped into at The Pool Club.

From Valkyrie, we went back to The Pool Club just in time to hear Kaskade play "It's You, It's Me".  For more of my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE :)

Well, I'm glad I went out with T and our friends since it turned out to be a fun night.  Until the next one!  

OOTD: Dress from Mango | Sandals from Holster | Bag from NiQua

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